Seenit Storytelling Awards 2020

Highlighting companies and individuals leading the User-Generated Video movement and celebrating the best UGV content that’s been produced this year. 🎉

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What are the Seenit Storytelling awards?

At Seenit, we know a thing or two about Storytelling and the power of User-Generated Video 🎬 - be it for content based marketing, employee engagement, recruitment or documenting an event.

2020 has been a hell of a year, but amongst all the challenges, we’ve also seen an astonishing spike in creativity and impactful storytelling through video throughout our entire customer base.💥

Therefore, this year we want to celebrate the best examples of how brands use their community to tell authentic and engaging stories. 


Award categories

We have 7 categories across the UGV space


Best company insight story

This award celebrates the best story this year that gave a sneak peak into a company's inner-workings


Best creative format story

This award celebrates the story that had the most original or creative format this year


Best positive movement story

This award celebrates the story that best highlighted the positive movements our customers have helped make happen this year


Newcomer of the year

This award celebrates the best first-time storyteller on Seenit this year


Storyteller of the year

This award celebrates the creative minds behind the stories told this year


Contributor of the year

Stories are all about who takes part of them, so this award celebrates the brightest stars across our contributors this year


Story of the year

Our top award for the best Story created on Seenit this year

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