Why Engaging Your Community Really Matters (and How To Do It!)

It’s a no brainer that at Seenit, we are mad about community. Seenit was founded on the principle that everyone has a unique voice and point-of-view to share, that ultimately a story can be stronger when these voices come together.

I sat down with our Account Management team to talk to them about why a brand should care about engaging with their community and how to actually go about it.

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Are you there Netflix? It’s me, the viewer.

Netflix has gone on an impressive and rapid journey from what used to be a video rental site. With a content library valued over $11 billion, it’s hard to imagine they only entered the original content game in 2013 (albeit with a huge bang with House of Cards).

What a golden time that was – not only were we as the public spoiled for choice in terms of quality TV – we were changing the way of content consumption, and the streaming services had our backs. The audience had the power. We could watch what we wanted, when we wanted, without having to pay for a hundred throw away channels to accompany. And for that, who did we have to thank? Netflix!

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What We’re Watching: Dunkirk

This week it’s more ‘What We’ve all Watched’ than ‘What We’re Watching’.  Unsurprisingly, many of our movie savvy team have seen Nolan’s latest epic, Dunkirk. Here are everyone’s two cents on what looks to be a modern classic.



Team Seenit

Kirsty  “I normally hate/avoid war films and went to this one somewhat unwillingly. However, it was actually ok. Showed the horror of the situation without being unnecessarily violent and it built up characters you cared about. I thought it was quite powerful the way it showed the same scene from different points of view. Overall, it reinforced for me how lucky I am to be born in an era of peace where we get on with our neighbours and that war should be avoided at all costs.”

Nick R  “A bleak look at what it means to be stuck on a beach without a good book”

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Playlist of Guides to Story Writing and Telling ✍️ 🗣

In some cases, storytelling – at least in a movie – has two prominent outcomes. You could leave your audience breathlessly at the edge of their seat at every scene, by establishing a compelling narrative and setting up a transition of emotional values; there is also the potential of leaving your audience more interested and astonished at the perfect ratio between sweet and salty popcorn in their mixed large at the cinema.

Stay engaged as we highlight useful sources that explain the do’s of story writing and some anecdotal pieces that put this into practice!


How to Evoke Emotion by Lessons from the Screenplay


In this video, Lessons from the Screenplay opens, “It would be easy to think that a complex story like Game of Thrones is told in a complex way, but in truth, it’s exactly the opposite.” Become educated on the fundamentals of storytelling with this instructive piece and understand how to keep a 23-minute action scene – with limited dialogue – exciting.

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What We’re Watching: Midnight Diner and The Story of O.J.

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:

LEEROY’S PICK: Midnight Diner (2014)

“It’s a really lovely story about how different people’s lives intertwined with each other.”

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What We’re Watching: The LGBTQAlphabet, Preacher, and Baby Driver

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:


“It’s beautiful because it’s really inclusive and really strong. I love the end: ‘I have a huge number of people behind me and they all look f*cking fabulous.'”

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