lookfantastic is calling all beauty enthusiasts! 💄💅

lookfantastic are looking for new members for The Beauty Set. You don’t need to be a makeup professional or celeb. Quite the contrary, lookfantastic want the everyday users and beauty obsessives, the bloggers and the enthusiasts. If you think you can make the cut, putting yourself in the running is easy. 

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What We’re Watching: La La Land, The OA, and The Young Pope

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:


“Incredible soundtrack, incredible cinematography. I can’t say how lovely this film made me feel. No other contemporary film I would call a picture, but this. This is a picture.”

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🙌Win of the Week: BT Sport🙌

⚽⚽⚽We need you! All of you Premier League fans!⚽⚽⚽

We aren’t ones to boast, but we definitely need to give this collab a shout out.

Seenit has transgressed into the world of broadcasting thanks to the lovely people at BT who we first encountered way back in January when we won (💪) BT Infinity Lab’s ‘BT Sport Competition‘.

Since then a beautiful relationship has blossomed. BT Sport has utilised Seenit to bring personality and passion to every match and we love what they have made.

BT has championed fans by letting them be a pundit. Seenit has provided a channel of communication between the fans and the experts , who can give their views on matches in the Premier League as well as share in their love of the beautiful game.

Fan’s insight is live, personal and genuine. We love watching the clips that come in and we’re so glad to bring fans closer to the TV action.

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🍾🎄🎅The Seenit Christmas Extravaganza 🍾🎄🎅

Prepare for your office Christmas party to feel inadequate as Team Seenit really nailed it. The 12hr extravaganza included a Build-a-Bear, a limo, fairy lights, an inflatable Santa Suit, and basically everything but a partridge in a pear tree. It went a little something like this…..

First Stop: Wah nails Soho 💅💅 💅

The Seenit ladies got their nails did! 💁 Emily Forbes dear friend Sharmadean Reid hooked us up with a session at WAH nails in Soho. The ladies’ nails were adorned with stars snowflakes, glitter, and even the Seenit logo! Big love to the WAH team who are so talented and sweet!

Next up: Nick Rainey and Ed’s movie food to real food experience 🎥🎞➡️🍩🍕

While the Team watched Home Alone any food reference that appeared in the movie were then dished to the team! Fortunately, Home Alone is pack full of yummy references like pizza, doughnuts, Pepsi (which got the Jack Daniels Treatment), popcorn and more! It was a well organized, inventive idea and we’re so thankful for all of Ed and Nick’s work!

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📔📖 We’re in a Book! 📖📔

….well a guide to be specific!

It’s a well know fact, even in the wake of Brexit, that London is one the best places to start a company. It has the tools, it has the investment, and most importantly it has the ability to attract innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

With 100s of companies beginning their life in London every year the startup world is hard to navigate. Luckily, our pals at Start-up Everywhere are here to help.

They provide comprehensive guides ‘Filled with case-studies, expert advice, insights, interviews and local tips’ to help out those ‘new to a city, new to the startup scene, or seasoned business people starting all over again’.

Following their guides for Stockholm, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Trondheim, Lisbon, Vienna, Aarhus, the London edition is finally ready for print, and Seenit are in it!

We are honored to feature since the selection process is ‘thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured.’, and it’s even more of an honored to share the guide with Giraffe360The MemoLinden StaubWefarmCourierWiredscoreYoyo WalletPROPERCORN, and Jukedeck

The book has just been launched, just in time for Christmas  😉, and we can’t wait to see Seenit in print!

What We’re Watching: English for beginners , abstract shapes, and cheeky raccoons

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out. Here are this week’s selections:


“It’s on par with John Lewis.”

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A Day in the Life at The Hut Group

From office parties to behind-the-scenes of their warehouses to smashing the mannequin challenge, The Hut Group definitely knows how to showcase the energy of their employees. Take a peak into a day in the life working at one of the leading online retailers of products in beauty, sport, nutrition and more!

It’s Beginning to look a lot like…

….. branded Christmas content! 🎄

Yes, it is that time of year when every supermarket, department store, and mega brand, try and tug at our heart strings ❤️getting us to buy, buy, buy.

This year’s competition for “Christmas ad of the year” is hot 🔥. The use of innovative tech and user generated content has never been so present 🎁, which excites tech nerds like us 🤓.

We’ve Seenit (😉) all, from bouncing boxers to augmented reality. Here’s our comprehensive list of the good, the funny, and the worth watching to get you in the Christmas mood!🎄

McDonald’s: Innovative Ad (AR)

John Lewis: Charmingly Funny & Most watched

Shout out to Buster the Boxer’s understudy Dave the Dane. Maybe you’ll make the ad next year.


H&M: Visually Stunning

Waitrose: Lovey Dovey Robin-y

Amazon: Restoring faith in Humanity 🙌

Big love and Merry Christmas x

🏆 💥 Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016: Startup Battlefield 💥 🏆

After days of pitch practice, nervousness, and general insanity, the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield has come to an end. It was such a tremendous honor to even be invited to participate. Thank you to everyone who has supported Seenit on our journey thus far, we wouldn’t be where we are without you! The competition was fierce and the experience tremendous. Suffice it to say, participating in this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt was truly rewarding (wink wink).

Massive shout out to all of the other Battlefield participants, InsideDNA,  LiftIgniter,  Oxehealth,  PhenixP2P,  AidenIris AISeedsFoodstantlyAirWander,  CenturyOpen as App for your amazing pitches and the amazing work you do. It was a privilege and honor to be amongst you and we wish everyone the best going forward!

DAY 1:


DAY 2:


Back at the office awaiting the results…

There were so many interesting talks, panels, and ideas going around – we wish we could have heard them all. If you missed any, head to TechCrunch to watch and/or read about them!

What an exciting, exhausting, terrifying, incredible ride it’s been.

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