What We’re Watching: Valley Uprising, Justice, and chilling with Bob Ross

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:

NICK R’S PICK: Valley Uprising (2014)

“A misunderstood cultural movement of people truly pushing the boundaries of what human beings are able to do.”

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MyProtein: Join the Resolution


We all go into the new year with the hope that this will be the year. This year I will actually stick to my new year’s resolution. Easier said than done, amiright? I mean, who actually manages to achieve this?

Thankfully, we have some real people for inspiration. MyProtein is gearing up a resolution revolution with this determined community.

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What We’re Watching: Product Design, Alien language, and the Baudelaire orphans

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:

AURELIE’S PICK: 5 Psychological Principles of Persuasive Product Design

“Inspiring woman, great public speaker, smart understanding on how to attract user and retain them!”

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From the Directors of JailBlimp…

If you aren’t familiar with Mailchimp already, then perk those ears up because these guys have a sense of humor.

The newly released ‘MailShrimp’, ‘KaleLimp’, and ‘JailBlimp’ highlight the playful nature of the email campaign manager, Mailchimp, whose product is wonderfully riddled with nuggets of humor and cheeky graphics.

All three shorts were produced by Riff Raff Films and directed by The Sacred Egg and are tied to a larger campaign for MailChimp, which will roll out over the next few weeks. Droga5 handled creative for the campaign, titled “Did You Mean…?”

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lookfantastic is calling all beauty enthusiasts! 💄💅

lookfantastic are looking for new members for The Beauty Set. You don’t need to be a makeup professional or celeb. Quite the contrary, lookfantastic want the everyday users and beauty obsessives, the bloggers and the enthusiasts. If you think you can make the cut, putting yourself in the running is easy. 

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What We’re Watching: La La Land, The OA, and The Young Pope

Each week, we’re asking the team what they’ve watched recently that really stood out to them. Here are this week’s selections:


“Incredible soundtrack, incredible cinematography. I can’t say how lovely this film made me feel. No other contemporary film I would call a picture, but this. This is a picture.”

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🙌Win of the Week: BT Sport🙌

⚽⚽⚽We need you! All of you Premier League fans!⚽⚽⚽

We aren’t ones to boast, but we definitely need to give this collab a shout out.

Seenit has transgressed into the world of broadcasting thanks to the lovely people at BT who we first encountered way back in January when we won (💪) BT Infinity Lab’s ‘BT Sport Competition‘.

Since then a beautiful relationship has blossomed. BT Sport has utilised Seenit to bring personality and passion to every match and we love what they have made.

BT has championed fans by letting them be a pundit. Seenit has provided a channel of communication between the fans and the experts , who can give their views on matches in the Premier League as well as share in their love of the beautiful game.

Fan’s insight is live, personal and genuine. We love watching the clips that come in and we’re so glad to bring fans closer to the TV action.

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🍾🎄🎅The Seenit Christmas Extravaganza 🍾🎄🎅

Prepare for your office Christmas party to feel inadequate as Team Seenit really nailed it. The 12hr extravaganza included a Build-a-Bear, a limo, fairy lights, an inflatable Santa Suit, and basically everything but a partridge in a pear tree. It went a little something like this…..

First Stop: Wah nails Soho 💅💅 💅

The Seenit ladies got their nails did! 💁 Emily Forbes dear friend Sharmadean Reid hooked us up with a session at WAH nails in Soho. The ladies’ nails were adorned with stars snowflakes, glitter, and even the Seenit logo! Big love to the WAH team who are so talented and sweet!

Next up: Nick Rainey and Ed’s movie food to real food experience 🎥🎞➡️🍩🍕

While the Team watched Home Alone any food reference that appeared in the movie were then dished to the team! Fortunately, Home Alone is pack full of yummy references like pizza, doughnuts, Pepsi (which got the Jack Daniels Treatment), popcorn and more! It was a well organized, inventive idea and we’re so thankful for all of Ed and Nick’s work!

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