We believe that everyone has a story worth telling.

We are helping large organisations like yours diversify employee engagement by turning video content creation on its head. We help to empower your workforce to be your storytellers, passionate creators, and brand advocates.

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What is important to you?

People first culture

Internal communications

Attracting top talent

Employer brand

Building a people first culture

Engage and empower your employees to bring your company’s purpose to life:

  • Champion diversity and drive inclusion
  • Show your authentic voice through your people
  • Reinforce ethics and values
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Diana. Story by Tiziana.

Improving internal communications

Increase engagement with employees through more relevant, scalable communications:

  • CEO updates
  • “Ask me anything”
  • Video newsletters or updates
  • Enable knowledge sharing
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Dan. Story by Jess.

Attracting top talent

Drive quality applications by creating more relatable, diverse and human content:

  • Video job descriptions
  • Day in the life
  • Showcasing and reinforcing your values
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Roxane. Story by Brendan.

Building your employer brand

Attract and retain talent whilst building your brand:

  • Diversity and inclusion stories
  • Highlight corporate social responsibility
  • Champion your people initiatives
  • Replace all stock imagery
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Emily. Story by Aurelie.

Some of our customers.

This is how global companies are creating authentic video with their employees.

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Build the most powerful and trustworthy on-the-ground storytellers in the world.

Our video crowdsourcing platform enables organisations to create engaging, multi-perspective videos with customers, fans and employees. Capturing the stories that truly matter in a form that resonates the most.


Use the online studio to create a project brief and filming instructions


Invite your community to film on the mobile app


Review and curate uploaded footage collaboratively from within the online studio


Use built-in post production software to create finalised video edits and distribute

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What we do.

Seenit is an enterprise video crowdsourcing platform that allows you to direct your employees through an app. You can curate the content filmed, edit, and publish all within the platform.

Watch what we do.