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Seenit helps organisations co-create video with their employees and brand ambassadors from around the world. Our app & platform makes it easy to direct and collect video from smartphones and other connected devices. Your audience has the most authentic, relevant and exciting story to tell. Start using Seenit to create incredible video with your employees, fans and influencers around the world.

How Seenit can help you

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Our app and platform makes it easy for you to direct your contributors, helping you get the most relevant and high quality video content. Our platform also makes it easy for you to edit and distribute on the fly!

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1 Create a script to direct your fans
2 Fans get creative & capture footage
3 Collect, edit and share bespoke clips

You’re In Good Company

Seenit helps us to efficiently create engaging videos around our conferences and meet-ups. The result of empowering our employees and customers with the ability to contribute video has increased the authenticity and engagement with our films.

Bindi Bhullar - Head of Marketing

Couchbase EMEA
Seenit provided fans around the world with exclusive access to behind the scenes action. Creating phenomenal engagement levels, it is now a fundamental element of our fight week coverage.

David Allen, Senior VP & General Manager of EMEA

At STA Travel, we know because we go, and thanks to Seenit we are putting creative control in the hands of our Travel Experts. Together we are pioneering creative and collaborative video capture for our staff, and this is just the beginning!

Tor White, Global Creative Director

STA Travel

We are Content Motivators

Thousands of clips have been directed using Seenit .Our award-winning platform is also getting our clients recognised!

With Seenit it couldn’t be easier to activate your fans and produce award-winning content. So get in touch and lets get your campaign going.