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Bring your community stories to life

Whether you’re a HR manager at a multinational looking to make an internal communications video through a ‘day-in-life’ of your employees, a retailer looking to make the most of your influencers for promotion, or trying to authentically report a story - Seenit can help!

We enable stories to be captured by those who are closest them in a way that's directed making for interesting, engaging and authentic video.


Manage your community from a single laptop

Seenit Studio is the control hub. It allows project managers to outline what they want to be filmed by filling in the Shot list. This can be updated and changed at any point.

The online studio has it’s own integrated messaging system where clips can be commented on and praised by the community. Additionally, we provide the ability to edit video in the studio. Clips can be used in on a rolling basis or once all contribution have been uploaded.



Shoot Anywhere, Anytime

Seenit lets you make the most of the people who have a relevant message.

Our App gives access to your contributors camera, so video is collected wherever they are.

What is captured depends on the creativity of your contributors and actions requested on the app’s ‘Shot list’. This could be anything from an introduction, Q&A, surroundings, or even a choreographed dance routine!

Request whatever helps to make your story

All uploaded videos in a project go to a central feed that can be viewed by all contributors helping to motivate more filming and inspiring diverse content.



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