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Seenit enables you to easily crowdsource and edit trusted user-generated video content from anyone, anywhere.

You’ll be in good company

As the first video crowdsourcing platform we have over 6 years of experience and a track record of success with the largest organisations in the world. 

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images of people in circles images of people in circles

This is a new way of storytelling

People trust people, especially people like them. Seenit builds trust and engagement with your brand by giving your diverse people an authentic voice.

User-generated content is already everywhere, including inside your business. Seenit gives you the power to harness this and influence your business’ reputation by turning your people into your brand ambassadors.

about Seenit

Seenit reduces the cost and resources needed for video production by 80% compared to traditional methods

Employee generated content boosts video engagement on average 2x

Seenit is a 100% remote way to produce video with an entirely human first approach

images of people in circles images of people in circles

A fully remote way of production

“For our 'How We #StayConnected' video, we pulled together over 100 clips from colleagues all around the world. A challenging task made easy by the Seenit app. This video really captures how our lives have changed and how we have adapted, not just as employees, but as a company.” 

Employer Brand Creative at Vodafone

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Our solutions

Boost your corporate communications

Deliver timely, companywide communications with empathy and authenticity. Ranging from leadership comms to grassroots initiatives, bring your culture, values, CSR and D&I projects to life through video.

Drive real engagement and inclusivity

Retain your top talent; champion, support and engage your employees globally by giving them a voice and telling collaborative stories that connect staff wherever they are in the world.

Build a trusted employer brand

Humanise your brand by bringing your culture and purpose to life. From day-in-the-lifes to employee spotlights, show what it’s like to work at your company and let your people tell your brand's story in their own way.

Attract the right talent

Boost your quality of applications and ensure cultural fit by creating engaging recruitment videos with your employees. People want to hear from those who live the roles, make your job descriptions more genuine with video.

How it works

We've taken years of customer insights and created an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for crowdsourcing and editing user-generated video content from anyone, anywhere.


Use the online studio to create a project brief and filming instructions


Invite your community to film on the mobile app


Review and curate uploaded footage collaboratively from within the online studio


Our easy-to-use editing function helps you craft your stories to a polished standard, combining quality as well authenticity

Why Seenit?
Because the future is people-powered

We’re all part of the Storytelling Generation and the world is being documented like never before through smartphone generated content.

Seenit finds the powerful stories hidden in your business, helping you tell your story in a way that earns trust.

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