Crowdsource and edit video from anyone, anywhere

In the next few months we'll be launching Seenit Stellar, a platform for marketing teams that will enable you to co-create video with your customers, wherever they are in the world, to deepen your engagement and supercharge your growth.

The video platform for marketing teams

Seenit Stellar lets you directly engage with your community in new ways, sharing their voices and allowing you to connect in a truly authentic way. Create people-powered content that people trust and engage with.

Customers trust peer reviews over professional content

Higher customer click-through rates with UGC

Customers trust recommendations from other people

Did someone say UGC?

Content marketing is king. Enter the age of User Generated Content to make your content stand out more than ever. Simply put, Seenit Stellar lets you engage your community of customers, fans, and employees in your content creation.

User Generated Content



The future is people-powered

People trust people. And people tell people.

Use Seenit Stellar to engage with those who love your products the most and let them tell your brand's story their way, with people-powered video. After all, your brand is the collective perception of your customers and fans, so let them tell their story.

You’ll be in good company

We've been helping companies give their employees, customers, and fans a voice for just over 6 years and it's fair to say we've made a few friends along the way.

Engage with anyone, anywhere

With Seenit Stellar there are no geographical boundaries. With a simple link, anyone, anywhere can upload their contribution to your story. Say goodbye to expensive film crews and travel.

Of users watching video on mobile will share it with others

Of internet users look for videos related to a product before visiting a store

On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video

How can I use Stellar?

Stellar allows you to connect with your community in new ways, sharing their voices

Create engaging and authentic content with your community

Use Seenit Stellar to create, edit, and distribute genuinely engaging video content with your community, for your community.

Build an audience and let others discover your brand

Use Seenit Stellar to host all the amazing content you create with your community. Use your company profile as an authentic brand showroom that people can view and engage with.

Create a space for independent influencers

The age of the independent influencer is here. Use Seenit Stellar to give them a voice.

Let your community be your reviewers

Launching a product? Want to share what people think? Ask your community through Stellar and supercharge your engagement.

Market to your community, without marketing at them

Give your community a voice and let them be part of your brand's story. Don't tell your community why your company is so great, ask them, and show everyone what they have to say.

Supercharge your corporate communications

UGC is already everywhere, including inside your business. Seenit Stellar gives it the power to influence your business' reputation.

How it works

Stellar allows you to connect with your community in new ways, sharing their voices

Create your story
Your community upload
You edit online
Share with the world

Emily Forbes, CEO and Founder at Seenit

β€œAt Seenit we have seen first hand that people engage with stories they can not only relate to but also importantly be a part of.”

Stellar allows you to connect with your community in new ways, sharing their voices

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