Welcome to Seenit Academy

Seenit Academy introduces basic filmmaking terms, techniques, and styles to help you with filming on your smartphone and more.

Season Two

Our second season of Seenit Academy introduces basic filmmaking terms, techniques, and styles to help you with filming on your smartphone and more.


Basic Camera Angles You Should Know 📐

This episode is all about the basic camera angles and what they signify.


Sourcing Music for Videos 🎧 Feat. Epidemic Sound

Finding the right track for your video can be tricky, so we decided to chat with our pals at Epidemic Sound to get their thoughts on curating music for different types of content and how to approach sourcing music for the first time!


Tips on Adding Text to Video!

Adding text to your video gives it extra dynamism and helps certain ideas stand out. Check out our tips for the most effective and eye-catching graphics!


How to Shoot Slow Motion on Your Phone

It's really easy to shoot slow motion - all you need is your phone and interesting action to capture!


Shooting Time-lapse on Your Phone 🏃🏽

Here's an explainer on time-lapse and how you can shoot great time-lapse videos with your phone!


Basics of Framing in Film 🎞

Learn about the basics of framing and how it helps tell your story.


5 Dynamic Camera Shots You Can Shoot with a Phone

Learn about 5 dynamic camera shots you can shoot with a phone


Basics of Video Composition ↖

In this video, we're going to teach you some basic rules and techniques on video composition. Composition is important to create visually appealing as well as understandable content!


Camera Movement (and why it matters!)

When you're filming, moving your camera should serve a purpose. Here are some basic camera movement techniques and what they mean in your video.


5 Tips for More Cinematic Footage (filmed with a phone, ofc!)

Check out our tips on what can help make your smartphone footage look more cinematic!


Easy DIY Phone Filming Hacks

Don't have special equipment but want to get a little experimental with your next video? Here are a few quick DIY techniques to try out when filming with your phone!


How to Create Forced Perspective!

Ever wanted to be a hobbit? Or a really tall giant? In this weeks Seenit Academy we show you how to become one using simple camera sorcery.


Sound & Storytelling - Understand the Basics of Audio!

Sound is one of the MOST important aspects to a good video. It can literally tell your story, add a mood or tone, and cue your audience to feel a certain way. So.. do you understand all of the different levels of audio? We'll take you through the basics!

Season One

Season One of Seenit Academy introduces tips and tricks for filming on your Smartphone from the experts at Seenit!


5 fundamentals of filming on your smartphone!

In this first instalment from Seenit Academy, the Seenit Team explains the 5 simple fundamentals to remember for making a good video with your phone.


5 Things to Avoid When Filming on Your Phone 🙅

Seenit Academy gives you the most common mistakes we see with video shot on mobile.


Filming in Low Light 💡

Seenit Academy gives you the best tips and ticks for filming during the darker winter months.


Shooting Handheld ✋

Seenit Academy's things to remember when shooting handheld! Whether you're shooting with a GoPro, a DSLR, or your smartphone - always keep these things in mind!


B-Roll and Why You Need It 🎬

Seenit Academy takes on B-roll and why you need it for your video creation.


Recording Better Audio on Your Smartphone 🗣️

In this episode of Seenit Academy, we bring you the top tips for capturing better audio when filming on your phone.


Confessions of a camera shy guy

Are you camera shy? Or just feel really unnatural on screen? You're definitely not alone. In this episode of Seenit Academy, one of our account managers, Jordon Mullings, talks us through how he copes with his camera shyness and what helps him feel more confident and comfortable on screen


Quick! 5 foolproof ways to frame your shot

In this episode, we'll be covering five staple ways of framing your shots to get you the best footage.

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