Build the most powerful and trustworthy on the ground storytellers in the world.

Our video crowdsourcing platform enables organisations to create engaging, multi-perspective videos with customers, fans, and employees.

Create a project with the Seenit studio.

Use the online studio to create a project brief and a set of filming instructions (we call it the shot list).

You can design your brief with our simple step-by-step template, as well as customise and preview how it will look in the app.

Seenit create a project animation.

Seenit capture uploads animation.

Invite anyone to upload through the Seenit Capture app.

Invite your filming community to download Seenit Capture and ask them to join your project. Once they’re in, filming can begin.

Direct and guide them with film tips and encourage them via in-app messaging.

Collect and curate uploads through the studio.

Review, filter, bookmark, and download uploads in the Seenit studio: your very own online production suite.

Seenit collect uploads animation.

Seenit edit uploads animation.

Edit all content you collect directly in the studio.

Quickly cut together content with built-in editing software. Use a template or add your company branding to get a slick final edit to share back to everyone that contributed.

Seenit features.

99.99% uptime

99.99% platform uptime in 2018 and dedicated customer support.

Android and iOS app

Seenit Capture is available on iOS and Android for you to quickly download to your device and begin storytelling.

ML and AI

Creating searchable detailed metadata from content as well as real time focus, stability, and audio improvements.

Video intelligence

Auto transcription, object recognition, and sentiment analysis.

SaaS editing suite

Powered by WeVideo to edit and publish videos at scale. Use a template or add your custom company branding.

App white labelling

Get a customised branded app for your organisation with options for additional security features.

Watch how it works.