Build the most powerful and trustworthy on-the-ground storytellers in the world

Our video creation platform enables organisations to create engaging, multi-perspective videos with customers, fans and employees. Capturing the stories that truly matter in a form that resonates the most.


Use the online studio to create a project brief and filming instructions


Invite your community to film on the mobile app


Review and curate uploaded footage collaboratively from within the online studio


Use built-in post production software to create finalised video edits and distribute

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Customise your vision

Design your video brief with our simple step-by-step template. Customise and preview how it will look in the app.

Invite your community

Invite your filming community to download Seenit Capture and ask them to join your project. Once they’re in, filming can begin. Direct and guide them with film tips and encourage them via in-app messaging.

Curate footage & create your content

Review, filter and bookmark uploaded footage in your online production suite. Quickly cut together content with built-in editing software.

Grow your community

Nurture and empower your community by conversing with and crediting them. Invite your crew to more projects down the line and continue building that community... this is just the beginning!