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How Vodafone uses Seenit to bring together the voices of their employees from over 25 markets globally

Written by Tiziana Giordano

Published: 27th August 2019

The story so far...

Company: Vodafone

Industry: Telecommunications

The challenge

It’s over one year ago that we started having conversations with Vodafone about their challenges around creating a more human and authentic employer brand by engaging and empowering their global workforce to be part of their corporate storytelling.

“A lot of people think of Vodafone as this massive speech mark or identify us with the red and forget that there are 130k people that work behind that speech mark. One of our challenges is how to convey the fact that there are so many amazing people working at Vodafone in the most authentic way?” Jona Gjini, Global Employer Brand Lead.

The solution

We then developed one global framework allowing Vodafone to bring together the voices of their employees from over 25 global markets efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale.

“Before we had the tool Seenit we were only able to film people in this office. Now we can spread it globally across all of our markets and we get that sense of inclusion and diversity and it’s really great for what we thrive as a company.” Jennie Carter, Employer Brand Creative.

“As Vodafone becomes a more purpose led organisation, Seenit presents a huge opportunity for us to bring that to life, both for our employees and with the outside world”

Laura Turkington

Global Innovation Senior Manager

Furthermore, creating videos the Seenit-way actually “enables integrity - it gives our people a voice. Instead of us prescribing what messaging we share amongst our employees and the outside world we actually empower our employees to tell us how they feel and what they want to say and we use that to bring a new perspective to the messaging that we are trying to create.” Laura Turkington, Global Innovation Senior Manager.

The result

Since then, Vodafone has achieved some great results, told some incredible stories, and successfully engaged their people both internally and externally.

map of the world


Pieces of content captured using Seenit.


Different creators across the global business.


Uploads from over 20 countries across the globe.

“The Seenit Revolution within Vodafone has started and adoption is really growing.”

Paresh Modi

Global Head of Innovation

Some of the videos created using Seenit

Using the content collected through Seenit, Vodafone has created a number of videos across various channels. Here are a couple of videos below that are featured on their social media.

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