We believe in a more open, inclusive, and human world, where everyone has a story worth telling.

Our story.

When working on a documentary investigating rhino poaching, Seenit founder Emily Forbes attended a protest with hundreds of others.

In the crowd, she saw just how many people were using their phones to capture and share their experience. Witnessing this passion and realising the power of bringing their stories together, the idea of Seenit was born.

What we do.

We are a creative platform that enables companies to easily direct, collect, and edit video captured by their employees, customers, and fans from around the world.

With our creative platform we can tell stories captured through the eyes of the people who are most passionate, knowledgeable, and are actually living it. By combining these different perspectives you can create a stronger and more inclusive message.

Watch our showreel.

Who we are.

We are home to passionate minds, problem solvers, and creative dreamers. We believe in amplifying the real voices and stories of the world to encourage a more open and connected community.

Aurélie de Sainte Preuve photo

Aurélie de Sainte Preuve


Brendan Freer photo

Brendan Freer

Senior Customer Training Manager

Camille Thillaye photo

Camille Thillaye

Product Designer

Charlotte Emms photo

Charlotte Emms

Full Stack Engineer

Curtis Walton photo

Curtis Walton

Product Lead

Dan Farley photo

Dan Farley

VP Customer Success

Ed Stennett photo

Ed Stennett

Product Marketing Manager

Emily Forbes photo

Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder

Freddy Cleveley photo

Freddy Cleveley

Senior Customer Success Manager

Hannah Ajikawo photo

Hannah Ajikawo

New Business Lead

Ian Merrington photo

Ian Merrington

VP Engineering

Jessica Bell photo

Jessica Bell

Senior Software Engineer

Jillian Walton photo

Jillian Walton

Financial Controller

Kathryn Rockwell photo

Kathryn Rockwell

Account Executive

Kirsty Darragh photo

Kirsty Darragh

QA Tester

Luke Trainer-Clark photo

Luke Trainer-Clark

VP Sales

Nick Rainey photo

Nick Rainey

New Business Lead

Roxane von Hurter photo

Roxane von Hurter

Customer Onboarding Manager

Tiziana Giordano photo

Tiziana Giordano

Business Development Representative

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