We believe that trust can be built through amplifying authentic voices

Our story

When working on a documentary investigating rhino poaching, Seenit founder Emily Forbes attended a protest with hundreds of others.

In the crowd, she saw just how many people were using their phones to capture and share their experience. Witnessing this passion and realising the power of bringing their stories together, the idea of Seenit was born.

What we do

Seenit is a platform where everyone can make themselves heard - a space to share authentic experiences, build trust and let imagination and creativity thrive.

It’s a space totally powered by people. Where humans become heroes. And where anyone can bring storytelling to life.

With Seenit you can crowdsource and edit user generated video content from anyone, anywhere.

Our values

At Seenit, we have 5 values that sit at the core everything we do.


We're brave (We're courageous)

We're not afraid to challenge the status quo and challenge the way things have been done before. We strive to have the difficult conversations. We value resilience and a fail fast mentality.


We're impactful

We’re proactive, we own challenges and we take accountability for our actions. We leave a mark. We empower others.


We keep it simple

We care about making things uncomplicated and easy to understand. We respect and champion transparency. We want to get things 80% perfect.


We're curious

We're not afraid to ask questions. We challenge our customers. We're passionate and are keen to learn new things.


We're all unique

We learn from and appreciate one another. We value and support teamwork. We admire those who have empathy.

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