Our mission is to give everyone a platform to tell the stories they are most passionate about, with the people that care the most

Together we see more

When working on a documentary investigating rhino poaching in South Africa, Seenit founder Emily Forbes attended a protest with hundreds of others. In the crowd, she saw just how many people were using their phones to capture and share their experience. Witnessing this passion and realising the power of bringing their stories together, the idea of Seenit was born. 

Rhinos Two Rhinos
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Everyone is talking

Communication has evolved significantly and in turn traditional methods have become less effective. As people rapidly consume and create content from all angles to satisfy their needs, how can brands and organisations cut through the noise and create something truly relevant for their audiences?

We believe that everyone has a unique and important perspective to share and that’s what makes this world vibrant and interesting!

 The world is a better place when everyone has a voice.

Inspiring and empowering people to communicate differently

Our technology connects brands and organisations with communities that are part of their existing audiences, ultimately bringing the audience into the heart of storytelling.

With our simple to use mobile app and online video platform, brands can put video production into the hands of those closest to the story. It's never been easier to direct, collect, and curate user-generated content anytime, anywhere.

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The age of Community Generated Content is here

Our journey so far

2012 calendar
Founded in 2014 by Emily Forbes
London HQ
Reached 100 customers
Over 220,000 uploads hit
Seeniting across  5 markets
Over 150,000 platform users
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Teamwork makes the dream work

Who we are

We are home to passionate minds, problem solvers, and creative dreamers. We believe in amplifying the real voices and stories of the world to encourage a more open and connected community.

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Want to be part of the family? We’re hiring!

We’re looking for bright talents to be part of our amazing team at Seenit. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us a CV and tell us why!