Swap zoom fatigue for a tool that engages your remote employees

Make your company communications fun, authentic, and inclusive again through Seenit.

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Tired of being on mute? Meet User-Generated Video.

Are your employees feeling drained from all the zoom calls? They're not alone, we are all on video calls more than ever before – and many are finding it exhausting. Your employees might struggle to get their points across on a Zoom call, or simply feel like dialling in to yet another meeting - social or professional - is just adding more stress to their day. 

That's where User-Generated Video (UGV) comes in. While Zoom calls have a place in the working day, it can often be more powerful and impactful to replace a call or email with a personal user-generated video message.


Employee engagement and UGV

It is time to diversify your virtual employee engagement strategy and replace social session on zoom with a UGV challenge or talent competition.


Employee communications and UGV

Involve your people in your corporate comms, to give them a voice and a platform to share their opinions and stories.


Leadership communications and UGV

UGV helps to build trust by humanising leadership teams, adding a layer of much needed authenticity to your top-down communications.

Graphic depicting Seenit in use

Replace a zoom call with a video powered by your people

Looking for an alternative to video conferencing?
It can be much more powerful and effective to replace a zoom call or email with a personal video message, that can be viewed at one's own time. User-Generated Video allows you to do this easily, cost-effectively, and authentically from anywhere in the world.

Graphic depicting Seenit in use

It’s time you know about Seenit

With Seenit you can empower anyone to record personal video messages from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, it facilitates collaboration, as the true power of UGV lies in bringing different voices and perspectives together.

Make your content stand out more than ever

Enter the age of User-Generated Video to engage your employees in your content creation.

User Generated Content



Don’t take our word for it

See how global brands have used Seenit to power their internal communications and employee engagement.

Say goodbye to expensive film crews and travel

User-generated content is already everywhere, including inside your business. Seenit gives you the power to harness it to build a trusted and engaging, people-powered internal communications strategy. 

68% of employees are disengaged in both their role and business

Seenit reduces the cost and resources needed for video production by 80% compared to traditional methods

People are 3x more likely to trust employees than CEOs/leadership.

Employee generated content boosts video engagement on average 2x

How it works

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3... (and 4!)

Creating your story

Your community upload to it

Collect and curate the footage

You edit online

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Employees, HR teams, Managers and Leaders to communicate and engage authentically through personal User-Generated Video messages instead of scheduling yet another draining zoom call

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