Remote Teams Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar with panelists from Virgin Media, Arco and Silicon Reef, about how tech can support organisations’ remote teams to aid employee experience and engagement, ultimately driving culture and productivity.

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Remote Teams Webinar

Speakers 🎙

Emily Forbes photo

Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder at Seenit

I founded Seenit with a mission to create a more open, human & inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. We enable organisations around the world, such as Amazon & ING, to co-create video with their own employees amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable & passionate.

Neil Cavill photo

Neil Cavill

Head of Business Improvement at Arco

Neil has worked in change management for over 20 years before joining Arco - the UK’s largest supplier of PPE and safety related services. He takes great pride in building high performing teams with a simple mantra of ‘Leadership is the answer now tell me the problem’.

Alex Graves photo

Alex Graves

Founder & Managing Director at Silicon Reef

As a non-technical person, Alex's focus is on people-led outcomes and is engaged with a variety of clients in digital strategy and increasing employee productivity and engagement using Microsoft technology solutions.

Gary Ballard photo

Gary Ballard

Senior Operational Excellence Performance Improvement Manager at Virgin Media

Generating sustainable change through Marine, Automotive, Aerospace and Telecommunications industries, Gary has seen more methodologies than you can shake a stick at!! Now delivering strategic change for Virgin Media Business, Gary believes that our People & Customers are the key to truly effective change.

About this webinar 🎉

Remote Teams: Building Strong Culture & Productivity 

Co-Hosted by Seenit & Silicon Reef 

The benefits of remote working have long been discussed but many organisations have been focused to embrace a new way of working in recent months. Companies are beginning to realise the positive impact remote working can have on flexibility, productivity, employee wellbeing and in time on their bottom line.   

As a result, remote working is likely to become more commonplace, but as the challenge of communication and task management becomes easier - the focus is likely to centre around maintaining connection and a sense of culture. 

Our speakers will demonstrate examples of how global teams have achieved exactly this through the tech already within their business. 

·       Selecting the right tech 

·       Getting the best fit for your business  

·       Connect and empower teams remotely

·       Automate tasks and processes 

·       Build trust and bring your culture to life by amplifying employee voices



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