Getting started with UGV πŸš€

This webinar will explore outstanding examples of user-generated video content being produced today and share how you can easily get started with UGV.

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Getting started with UGV πŸš€

Speakers πŸŽ™

Emily Forbes photo

Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder at Seenit

I founded Seenit with a mission to create a more open, human & inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. We enable organisations around the world, such as Amazon & ING, to co-create video with their own employees amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable & passionate.

Ed Stennett photo

Ed Stennett

Product Marketing

In his three years at Seenit, Ed has helped out with all things product and marketing, from content creation to go to market planning. Having previously worked agency-side, Ed brings experience in product, content marketing, and video production.

Freddy Cleveley photo

Freddy Cleveley

Senior Customer Success Manager at Seenit

Freddy has been working in the user-generated content space for the past 5 years. He currently works in Seenit’s Customer Success team helping organisations to create video content in a more inclusive way by leveraging the diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives and voices that are present in every large corporate.

About this webinar πŸŽ‰

The toughest job in content creation has never been tougher.

Crowded digital channels are even busier, consumers more sceptical, and brands forced to become more creative and agile to keep up with the relentless pace of change.

User-generated video (UGV), films co-created by fans about the brands they love, provides one of the biggest opportunities for organisations to stand out from the crowd. Research shows this format is more trusted, considered more authentic, and delivers higher levels of engagement than other forms of content.Β 

We are hosting a Getting Started with User-Generated Video webinar at 15:00 on Tuesday 25th August with Ed Stennett, Freddy Cleveley, and Emily Forbes of Seenit.Β 

Ed, Freddy, Emily, and their colleagues at Seenit help organisations like the BBC, Amazon, Channel 4, Vodafone, Spotify, and Coca-Cola co-create content with employees and customers.Β 

This webinar will explore outstanding examples of UGV content being produced today and share how you can easily get started with UGV.

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