Engaging the next generation

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to boost your interns- and grads- recruitment programmes through UGC.

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Engaging the next generation

Speakers 🎙

Roxane Von Hurter photo

Roxane Von Hurter

Customer Success Manager at Seenit

Roxane is part of Seenit's Customer Success Team and works directly with some of its customers to ensure they successfully utilise the Seenit platform to create amazingly authentic video.

Tiziana Giordano photo

Tiziana Giordano

Marketing Manager at Seenit

Tiziana is Marketing Manager at Seenit, delivering its value proposition to new prospective customers by championing on a larger scale Seenit's mission of creating a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling.

About this webinar 🎉

Boost your interns- and grads- recruitment programmes

through UGC


Whether it’s a work experience, internship or graduate role - entering the world of work for the first time is a shock to the system. Even more so, when done remotely or partly remote. It is therefore crucial to rethink the way we attract and welcome young new employees, by creating content that is authentic, relatable and people-powered.

For this year’s Nation Intern Day, which is the day that recognises interns for their efforts and achievements, Seenit is hosting a webinar to show how brands, such as Spotify, HSBC and EY attract and welcome young talents into their organisations through relatable content that is created WITH and FOR their new interns and grads. 

Join us to get some first hand insight on how to think outside of the box when it comes to engaging with the next generation, as well as to watch and discuss some creative video examples from top brands with us.


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