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Talk of the Terrace


The Challenge

BT sport wanted to connect with their fans in a new way and bring them into the heart of sports broadcast unlike any other. The producers of Premier League Tonight wanted to incorporate user generated fan content to add variety and depth of opinion to the match report programme.

How did they do it?

By reaching out to vocal fans of premier league clubs on Twitter, BT sport recruited a number of “Fan Pundits” from each team into the community with the initial incentive of being included and credited on the live show. Each week through Seenit, BT producers would liaise with the community to get their initial reactions to match results on video which were then shared with the producer/ editors of the show to edit and incorporate into the broadcast.

Why did it go well?

Originally planning to play just a few clips at the end of the show to showcase fans at games, BT Sport have since evolved their process and understanding, with the help of Seenit, which has enabled them to receive more high quality content that is passionate and opinionated from a continually growing community of fans. One of the greatest achievements? BT Sport no longer strictly make decisions on the programme’s topic of conversation themselves but, in fact, look to the fans and their conversations of the day to guide the show’s narrative.

The results of 18 months of testing, learning and defining new processes has lead BT sport to achieve their goals of bringing fans to the forefront of sports broadcast. With all content rights automatically signed off in the Seenit app, there’s no need to worry about using the content on broadcast or online, ensuring content is timely, relevant, and ultimately, unlike traditional sports broadcasting.

What next?

Over the last year, the BT Sport community has grown to over 200 regularly contributing fans and branched into its second stage- the Championship show: The Score. With active guidance and recognition as incentivisation, the community continues to grow as do the executions that BT Sport producers are willing to test to continue being innovators in the world of sports broadcast.