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The Challenge

As a much-loved beauty brand, Benefit Cosmetics has always held ambitious aims for their content creation. Beauty vloggers and influencers would traditionally step in and create expensive, #ad-like productions. However, with limited budget and resource, being able to create high quality beauty content at scale proved a difficult task, and ensuring the knowledge, expertise and brand voice are expressed and maintained was a challenge to ensure on a continuous, scaleable basis.

How did they do it?

By looking in at themselves and analysing their different communities of beauty experts, content creators and influencers, Benefit realised that there was a large community of aspiring beauty bloggers within the organisation, waiting for an opportunity to create. The employees of Benefit stores and beauty counters were highly skilled and trained by Benefit to recreate looks and have the most up to date knowledge on brand trends and products. Upon realising their community’s personal aspirations and passion for the brand, Benefit nurtured this community into their own team of trusted beauty vloggers and brand ambassadors.

Now known fondly as the Benemasters, this team of beauty experts are invited to use Seenit for a wide range of content briefs covering anything from new product releases, to the latest trends and looks, to beauty hacks and educational beauty how to’s, all filmed at home with their own mobile video camera kits (provided by the brand in a welcome gift pack) .

Why did it go well?

For Benefit, the strength of their brand image and tone of voice is incredibly important, so maintaining the quality of content produced and adhering to specific guidelines is integral to any content creation. With Seenit, Benefit were able to brief the community with clear instructions on what and how to film, all with the knowledge that no content was public until it was released by them on their channels.

In return for the content they produce, the Benemasters receive recognition for being a part of the community and are further rewarded by being featured on the brand channels. Showing and sharing support of their personal endeavours by giving them a platform to be seen resulted in a highly engaged community of skilled content producers and brand advocates who create more relatable content at much lower costs to traditional influencers and brand ambassadors.

What next?

The need for content never dies and increasing both quantity and quality will be a continuous process that evolves with Benefit along with their content strategy. For now, identifying shining stars within the community in multiple national locations, Benefit can now refine its distribution plan on social by targeting content featuring a locally relevant Benemaster to their nearby store locations. This also results in promoted content having an increased relevance to the corresponding audience and therefore a higher level of engagement.