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Meet the team

In this guide, we outline how you can create videos that give viewers insight into what it's like to work in your team, who the people are, and what makes them tick.

Purpose of Story πŸ€”

The purpose of this story is to introduce a team within an organisation. In this case, it's the Seenit Customer Success team and was shared with a team of 7 by the team leader. One reason we made this is to introduce our team and what we do, to our customers. It also will allow us to connect with people who aren't Seenit customers by having it on social media and our website.

Another possible use is introducing new employees to their team, especially if they're working remotely. To add to this, you could use a video like this for recruitment as it gives potential applicants a feel for what the team and company are really like.

Setting the Story up ✍️

1. Story title

This should be a clear, easy-to-understand summary of the Story.

Story title - Meet the Team

Customer Success - This is Us!

2. Story video

What’s more authentic than a video message to contributors explaining what they need to do? This is the time to really hammer home what the purpose of the Story is, and get the contributors excited to be a part of it.

Story video - Meet the Team

Video introductions allow for a more personal touch to a Story, and puts contributors at ease. Lead by example and explain how they should participate!

3. Story introduction

Contributors are more likely to take part in a Story if the introduction is simple, with a clear instruction as to what they need to do, and how the footage is going to be used.

Story introduction - Meet the Team

Dream Team!! I want to produce a really cool, quite quirky, funny video of all of us as a Customer Success Team! I want to show case all of us individually along with our roles and also our interests and hobbies! The big part of this is to put a face to the team for any prospective customers and also look at potentially adding this to our website. I think this is a great chance to really have a bit of fun and show people what we are all about!


  • Introduce yourself (Your name and role in the Customer Success Team
  • Talk about what it is that you do, what you are responsible for.


  • Why do you LOVE Customer Success!!!!????? Why is it the best job in the WORLD!!!!??? AHHH!!!


  • 1 funny fact about you
  • 1 funny quirk about a CS Team Colleague


  • Capture us all having fun and doing stufffff

DEADLINE: Please film all of your clips by no later than WEDNESDAY 12th AUGUST. I will then be looking to get that edit worked on for the backend of that week!

Getting contributions βœ…

Here's what Dan did to help ensure he got everything he needed.

  1. Regular reminders on our internal instant messenger throughout the week.
  2. Sent calendar reminders for filming when he knew there might be some free time.
  3. It was a busy week, so there were some last minute reminders too!

The Final Video 🎬

Take a look at the final piece below (complete with our very own jingle)!

Final video

We have put this video in decks that we share with our customers at the start of their subscription. The video has also gone on LinkedIn and other social platforms, and will be used for hiring and for new starters in the future.

Thanks for reading πŸ€—

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