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Bring remote festivities to life

It's late 2020, and the usual work parties and events have been replaced with pandemic-friendly alternatives. This year Seenit celebrated Halloween very differently, and although it was different we had plenty of activities planned!

Purpose of Story πŸ€”

To capture a remote event, promoting a sense of togetherness while we're apart. Filming remote parties makes them more interactive for the participants, and can help highlight what your company is doing to help foster fun and community during the pandemic. 

Setting the Story up ✍️

1. Story title

This should be a clear, easy-to-understand summary of the Story.

Story title -

Halloween from Home

2. Story video

What’s more authentic than a video message to contributors explaining what they need to do? This is the time to really hammer home what the purpose of the Story is, and get the contributors excited to be a part of it.

Story video -

Video introductions allow for a more personal touch to a Story, and puts contributors at ease. Lead by example and explain how they should participate!

3. Story introduction

Contributors are more likely to take part in a Story if the introduction is simple, with a clear instruction as to what they need to do, and how the footage is going to be used.

Story introduction -

Greetings (from beyond the grave), you monstrous bunch πŸ‘».

Let's film all the frightening Halloween action this week to help inspire Seenit customers on how they could capture remote festivities. We will edit this into a video for social media and our website.

DEADLINE: Monday 2nd November (AM). Filming will be done mostly through Friday's festivities, but feel free to capture some more stuff over the weekend.

As always, get creative, but here's a shudderingly scary shot guide: 

1. How has COVID impacted Halloween for you at work/home? How does this year compare to previous years?

2. Your Halloween package: A shot of the envelope, you opening it, the contents...

3. Outfit change transitions: We want to see a before and after. Why not try a click or a clap to help with the transition? Stellar allows you to upload from your laptop - this can help you ensure you're in the same position for the before and after shots. If you're feeling really adventurous, why not try one of these?

4. The party: Be there or be VERY AFRAID.

Getting contributions βœ…

Here's what Story creator Charlotte said about how she encouraged contributions:

  1. I gave notice of filming a day in advance and I sent a Slack (internal messenger) message out the evening before to remind people. I also invited people to the project individually so they all got an email, and I ensured the email invitation had the filming instructions in it.
  2. Then, on the day, I sent messages to contributors to congratulate and encourage them to film more if they had already contributed, and for those who hadn't, I sent messages saying I'd seen they hadn't contributed yet and asked if they fancied uploading something.

The Final Video 🎬

Check out the final piece below. πŸ‘‡

Final video

The video lives here, along with other great examples of how companies have been bringing their remote festivities to life.

Thanks for reading πŸ€—

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