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Beautystack - Bring ALL of Beauty Back

How Beautystack gave their community a voice.

Purpose of Story πŸ€”

When the UK government announced the country would go into lockdown, overnight the beauty industry ground to a halt.

Four months on, the government began to announce plans to reopen the economy, with the beauty industry a glaring omission. As hairdressers, pubs, bars, restaurants, and the like began to reopen, the beauty community was still unable to work.

In response, beauty and wellness booking service Beautystack launched the #BringBeautyBack campaign, asking their community to contribute to a video showing impact that Covid-19 has had on the beauty professional community.

'We wanted to make a video to reassure clients, to show the government that we are COVID-19 secure, and to show the whole industry that we are ready and able to work' explained Sharmadean Reid, Beautystack's founder.

Setting the Story up ✍️

1. Story title

This should be a clear, easy-to-understand summary of the Story.

Story title -

Bring ALL of Beauty Back

2. Story video

What’s more authentic than a video message to contributors explaining what they need to do? This is the time to really hammer home what the purpose of the Story is, and get the contributors excited to be a part of it.

Story video -

Video introductions allow for a more personal touch to a Story, and puts contributors at ease. Lead by example and explain how they should participate!

3. Story introduction

Contributors are more likely to take part in a Story if the introduction is simple, with a clear instruction as to what they need to do, and how the footage is going to be used.

Story introduction -

We need your help to create a film to show the world the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Beauty Pro community.

Share your story with the world and let your clients, the government and your fellow Pros know that you’re ready to work.

Please keep your answers short and succinct. No longer than 60 seconds per question!

Please hold your phone landscape and ensure clear lighting!

Deadline for submission is Tuesday 7th July

1 - How much money have you lost during Covid
1a - How have you been surviving? (Savings, part time jobs, UC etc)
2 - Did you get to access any of the Gov financial packages.
3 - How have you kept in touch with your clients? How are they doing?
4 - How have you prepared your business for return to work to be “Covid Secure” Show any PPE etc.
5 - What's your one message to Boris?
6 - What's your one message to your Clients?
7 - How has the Beautystack community supported and helped you during lockdown?

Thank you for speaking up and we will be turning this into a collective story from us all!

Getting contributions βœ…

Here's how Beautystack got their contributions:

  1. The first callout posts went out on Beautystack and Sharmadean Reid’s Instagram pages. Stories with a β€˜swipe up to contribute' call-to-action were posted and shared by Beautystackgang to their following of 440,000.
  2. Comments and shares helped amplify the callout and in under a week, contributions came flooding in from across the country. A range of stories were shared, from struggles with mental health to the financial impact of lockdown.

The Final Video 🎬

Check out the final piece below. πŸ‘‡

Final video

The final video got over 20k views and tons of engagement across Beautystack's, Sharmadean Reid's, Beautystackgang's Instagram channels, and it was shared by many contributors and beauty professionals.

Press coverage followed, with articles published by the likes of Stylist, Grazia, and Vogue.

Thanks for reading πŸ€—

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