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BBC Three - Freshers 2018 Documentary

This unique, user-generated documentary gives a first-hand perspective on what it's like to start at university.

Purpose of Story πŸ€”

In this one-of-a-kind TV documentary, seven students tell the story of their freshers’ week at universities across the UK. Shot entirely on their phones through Seenit, starting on results day, they capture the highs and lows of the most intense time of their lives.

Setting the Story up ✍️

1. Story title

This should be a clear, easy-to-understand summary of the Story.

Story title -

Freshers 2018: In Our Own Words

2. Story video

What’s more authentic than a video message to contributors explaining what they need to do? This is the time to really hammer home what the purpose of the Story is, and get the contributors excited to be a part of it.

Story video -

Video introductions allow for a more personal touch to a Story, and puts contributors at ease. Lead by example and explain how they should participate!

3. Story introduction

Contributors are more likely to take part in a Story if the introduction is simple, with a clear instruction as to what they need to do, and how the footage is going to be used.

Story introduction -

Freshers is a fast turnaround, user-generated documentary that follows first year students across the country as they experience the ups and downs of their first few weeks of university.

This 30-minute programme is shot by the students on their phones, uploaded via the ‘Seenit’ app – and edited in time for broadcast two weeks after the filming has ended.

Getting contributions βœ…

Here's what the production team did to help ensure they got the content they needed to make this documentary work.

  1. Prior to the start of freshers, the production company behind the show got all the participants down to London for a day of briefing. They showed the nearly-students on how to use Seenit to upload, and gave them filming ideas and tips, including advice on capturing b-roll to complement their selfie footage. It also made them feel a part of something cool.
  2. During freshers, the producers kept a close eye on what was coming in and kept in touch through messaging to remind the students to film, or to comment on their uploads.
  3. If you know who your contributors are, this briefing meeting approach can be very effective for collecting great content

The Final Video 🎬

Check out the brilliant final show below. πŸ‘‡

Final video

The final piece was aired on BBC3, and is still available on iPlayer. It was also posted on YouTube and has some really great engagement. Most people seem to love Max, and we feel the same as those people.

Thanks for reading πŸ€—

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