Version Release round up

September release round-up

30 September 2020

We’ve put together a short video to take you through all the news features launched in Seenit Stellar during September.

Export in the background 🏋️

We’ve been working on optimising your exporting experience. Now you don’t have to wait for your edit to export, instead leave the app and let us do the heavy lifting. When you return your exported video will be available for you in the Latest Edit panel.

Versions ✌️

Stellar now provides you with a full version history of all your online edits in the Latest Edit panel. From the Versions section in the panel you can watch your edits, share them with your co-creators or even download them to share else where. Editing offline? don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! You’re also able to upload your offline edits to the Latest Edit panel to share with the rest of your studio.

Change of location 🗺

A few of your favourite studio pages have new URLs.