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Version 1.0.30

Export in the background πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

17 September 2020

We've been working on optimising your exporting experience. Now you don't have to wait for your edit to export, instead leave the app and let us do the heavy lifting. When you return your exported video will be available for you in the Latest Edit panel.

Version 1.0.29

Versions ✌️

8 September 2020

Stellar now provides you with a full version history of all your online edits in the Latest Edit panel. From the Versions section in the panel you can watch your edits, share them with your co-creators or even download them to share else where. Editing offline? don't worry we've got you covered too! You're also able to upload your offline edits to the Latest Edit panel to share with the rest of your studio.

Version 1.0.28

Change of location πŸ—Ί

1 September 2020

A few of your favourite studio pages have new URLs.

Version 1.0.27

More options for contributors 🀳

27 August 2020

With the release of the all new uploader menu your contributors will have a host of new resources at their finger tips. Whether they want to find more about Seenit, get professional on advice on how best to film or even start creating their own stories this is all now possible from the uploader menu.

Version 1.0.26

Work smarter 🧐

25 August 2020

We've been busy improving the experience of the online editor and shortlist, enabling you to work smarter and not lose any of your hard work.

Version 1.0.25

A new way to navigate 🧭

12 August 2020

The new look studio menu is here! Finding your stories, accessing the Help Centre and raising a support ticket is now easier than ever and is only a couple of clicks away.

A new way to navigate 🧭

Version 1.0.24

A couple of bug fixes 🐞

6 August 2020

We've fixed bug where Latest Edit bottom bar was obscuring Edit page content and a bug where the Brief page was not accessible from the Online Editor page

Version 1.0.23

You can now edit your story! πŸ“

5 August 2020

You can now edit your story title, description, and author. Thumbnail and video introduction message to come!

You can now edit your story! πŸ“

Version 1.0.22

Improvements to the collaborative online editor 🌟

4 August 2020

We've been busy improving the experience of the online editor.
You can now pick up where you left off and resume your edit, as well as work on edits collaboratively with other users on your account.
We've also added a feature that means when you finish an edit on the online editor, it'll appear as the latest edit for the story.

Improvements to the collaborative online editor 🌟

Version Release round up

July release round-up

31 July 2020

With updates to the menu, the introduction of latest edit, and all new share links, we're super excited to see Stellar start to really take shape.

July release round-up Read more

Version 1.0.21

Improvements under the hood πŸ”§

31 July 2020

We've been under the hood making some changes in preparation for a bigger release in the coming weeks. Things are moving, but we’re not ready to share anything major just yet.

Version 1.0.20

Create story and shortlist improvements

30 July 2020

We've been working on a simpler way to create stories on Seenit Stellar. We've removed the 'use camera' option when uploading a video introduction message and added in some funky new loading states for a nicer experience.
We've added a remove icon for items in the shortlist and fixed a bug where it didn't always appear fixed to the bottom of the screen.
Finally, we've fixed a bug to make sure media tiles appear in rows of two on mobile.

Version 1.0.19

Bug fix

30 July 2020

We've fixed a bug where the help side panel appeared empty for some users.

Version 1.0.18

Introducing Latest Edit 🎬

29 July 2020

You can now upload the Latest Edit to your Story! πŸŽ‰

Introducing Latest Edit 🎬 Read more

Version 1.0.17

Menu updates 🍱

27 July 2020

When you go into a story, you’ll see an all-new, spruced up side menu to make navigating the studio even easier. When you try to access features that aren’t quite ready yet, you’ll be greeted with a β€˜Coming Soon’ modal.

Version 1.0.16

Fix caching issues πŸ’Έ

24 July 2020

After the excitement of all new share links, we've kept this release low-key with a fix to some caching issues πŸ’Έ

Version 1.0.15

Introducing the new share link πŸ”—

23 July 2020

When you create a story, we'll no longer ask you for a share code. Instead, we'll automatically generate you a share link.

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Version 1.0.14

Keeping your assets secure πŸ”

21 July 2020

We've fixed a bug where some intro media was being served from http instead of https.

Version 1.0.13

Under the hood improvements πŸ”§

20 July 2020

We’ve made some improvements under the hood to make your experience even smoother 🌊

Version 1.0.12

Read more πŸ‘€

20 July 2020

We've got a couple of improvements to the uploader in our latest release. We'll now show the thumbnail with a play button if a story has both a video intro message and a story thumbnail. For stories with long introductions, there's now a read more button so the upload card is always in view πŸ‘€

Version 1.0.11

Bug fixes to the uploader πŸ“²

16 July 2020

We've got a low-key update to the uploader which fixes a couple of pesky little bugs.

Version 1.0.10

Online Editor loading state, menu bar, and story ordering πŸ™Œ

9 July 2020

We've added in a loading state so that when you open the Online Editor, you can see your shortlist syncing to remove any guesswork. Stories are now shown in date order by default. We've also updated some links in the menu bar and squashed a few pesky bugs along the way.

Version 1.0.9

Bug fixes and performance improvements

7 July 2020

Tom and Jerry. Batman and Robin. Macaroni and Cheese. Bug fixes and performance improvements. In that order.

Version 1.0.8

New edit options πŸ’₯

6 July 2020

When you head to edit page, you can now get a quote to work with professional editors to create an engaging video that showcases your brand. There's also options to get your brand assets loaded into the Online Editor and get help from the Seenit production team 🍿

Version 1.0.7

Update the login domain name πŸ’‘

1 July 2020

We've updated the look and feel of our login screen and updated the domain name 🌟

Version Release round up

June release round up

30 June 2020

June has been a busy month for the Product and Engineering teams here at Seenit. We've been working (remotely) away, with a bunch of minor bug fixes, stability tweaks, and performance improvements.

June release round up Read more

Version 1.0.6

Online Editor improvements

26 June 2020

We've added some performance improvements to the Online Editor, polishing it up and squashing a couple of bugs along the way.

Version 1.0.5

Bug fixes

19 June 2020

Nothing to report in this release, besides some polishing and bug fixes, but lots in the background that we can't wait to show you soon.

Version 1.0.4

Online video editor πŸ“Ό

14 June 2020

With our latest product update, we've launched the online video editor. You'll now be able to edit any clips in your story directly in Seenit Stellar to create a slick final video πŸ’…

Version 1.0.3

Hello support πŸ‘‹

4 June 2020

With our latest product update, we've launched our Seenit Stellar Help Centre which makes it easy for you to find key information about Seenit Stellar and get the most from the product.

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Version 1.0.2

Download shortlist ⬇️

27 May 2020

With our latest product update, you can now download your shortlist to edit offline. We've also squashed a few bugs along the way.

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Version 1.0

Base application πŸŽ‰

4 May 2020

Say hi to Seenit Stellar πŸ‘‹
We've been working hard to build an all new platform that will supercharge your engagement and today we are delighted to a launch our beta offering! To get a sneak peak of what it's like and start creating right away, you can join our Early Access Programme