Episode 1

Launching Making Stellar πŸš€

3 May 2020

Ever wondered what it actually takes to build and launch a product? 🧐

Well, today we are super excited to announce the launch of an all-new series called β€˜Making Stellar’. Every month we’ll release a new episode showing you how we’re building a brand new product, right from the idea all the way through to the launch of releases πŸš€

Making Stellar will give you an insight into life at a small, London based tech company, taking a product to market. All footage will be filmed and edited using the product we’re building. To learn more about what that product is, take a look at our first episode answering that very question: β€˜What is Seenit Stellar?’

Next up in Making Seenit

Episode 2

A history of Seenit

In episode 2 of Making Stellar, we take a look at the history of Seenit and why we are building a new product from the ground up.

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