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Best creative format story

This award celebrates the story that had the most original or creative format this year

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The Nominees

We have 3 nominees

24 Hours of Colties at Home

β€œ24 Hours of Colties at Home” is an insightful and engaging video, giving a wonderful peek into Colt’s company culture. A fantastic soundtrack, quick edits, and a true variety of content make it a great example of an uplifting and creative format.

BBC's Our School

For the 'Our School' series broadcasted on the BBC, Twofour used a combination of professionally shot footage, webcam content and user-generated video created directly by the kids affected by their school being locked down. Instead of a film crew asking them questions, they empowered the kids to film it through their eyes and so have been able to capture more candid and authentic moments.

How we #StayConnected

Vodafone take employee content to the next level here creating something that feels like an ad you might see on TV. The editing is fast-paced, it has a fantastic backing track, and it gives us a view in to employees lives during lockdown - something we can all relate to!

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