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Tips on Adding Text to Video!

Today we’re going to give you our top tips to consider when adding text to your video, whether these are snazzy graphics, captions, or lower thirds.

Use it with purpose

Overlaid text can make your video more interactive and memorable and the manner in which your text appears lends to the tone of your video. This is your chance to make certain ideas stand out so be sure to be strategic with what you include. For example, if you want to literally illustrate what your subject is thinking or saying, style the text in a way that matches the subject’s actions and represents what it might look like in real life. If you’re simply highlighting key phrases from vox pops, make the text stand out from the video and try animating it in a way that gives life to the words themselves.

Make it visible

Whether you do this through size, boldness, or color, pay attention to whether your overlay is clearly visible on your video. Consider where someone will be watching it. Does the size of the text need to be large enough that someone watching on their phone can read? Want to use a certain color but it’s not that legible? Try adding a verrrry faint drop shadow, it can do wonders, or play around with a colored background.

Be spatially aware

If you know you want to have text overlaid, think about this when you’re filming! Leave room or consider framing your image so that there is a blank canvas for you to work with. Think about how can you integrate it in an interesting way. Do you want to immerse it into the image? Fill the screen to make a bold statement? Or have it pop up in a humorous but subtle way? Get creative! Finally, be aware of the meaning behind where you place your text. Text that runs across in a straight line read like captions so if that isn’t your intention, break up the text and don’t be afraid to put them front and center!

Style it up

Font style and color makes a big impact on how your viewer interprets the information and influences the video’s look overall. Bigger, bolder text looks loud, assertive, or fun. Serif fonts (you know, those ones with the little lines at the ends of letters) can give a classic, serious, or romantic feel.

Timing is everything

Finally, be sure to pay attention to when the text actually comes in! Is it to the beat of the music? Or is it the exact millisecond the subject is speaking? Poorly timed text can be quite jarring for your viewer.

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