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Recording Better Audio on Your Smartphone 🗣️

When filming, it’s easy to forget just how crucial audio is. Poor quality audio on a clip can make or break whether it can be used in a final video.

Here are the top tips that will allow you to record better audio when filming on your phone!

1. Location or surroundings

It’s very easy for the microphone on your phone to pick-up wind and other nearby noises that will overpower or muffle what you are trying to record. This extra noise is almost impossible to edit out later so be sure to shoot in a location that is quiet!

Try to avoid busy streets, windy areas, and echoey rooms. You might want to do a test recording before you get filming!

2. Cup your hand

An easy way to help your phone capture clearer audio is to cup your hand over your phone’s microphone.

3. Cut off

This is a big one. Make sure that you or your subject haven’t started speaking before you’ve pressed record AND that you or your subject have finished speaking before you stop recording! To be safe, leave at least 3 seconds before and after you press that red button!

4. Upgrade your kit

Sometimes it just might not be possible for you to film in a quiet location or to stand close enough to your subject, in which case you might want to consider buying an external microphone.

If you’re filming in locations that are very loud, here’s an insider trick you can try. Place a piece of tape over the built-in mic; this will reduce the amount of peaking, this is when the audio levels are so high that the sound becomes distorted.

5. Playback

Finally, definitely playback your video and listen for yourself to make sure that the audio is clear from beginning to end!

So quick recap! Check your surroundings before you film, cup your hand over the microphone, be sure not to start or stop recording too quickly, consider getting some gear, and once you’ve finished filming - playback your video to check for quality!

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