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Remote video production during COVID-19

A Seenit mini guide to UGC - how video professionals from news production to internal communications and advertising are changing their way of working - perhaps forever.

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Remote video production during COVID-19

Overview 🎉

People who have previously relied upon vast networks of colleagues, complex technologies and astronomical budgets are making things happen with just their phones, laptops and a little creativity. 

An abundance of stories that might, in the past, have been overblown, expensive and inauthentic are now being told from the heart. 

And people are watching.

From national news production to internal communications and advertising, video professionals are adapting and flexing their creative muscles to great effect.

At Seenit we are not surprised. We have spent the last six years working in this way - encouraging remote collaborations and user-generated content (UGC).

What's included? 💥

✅ Learn how COVID-19 is changing the world of production and how UGC is being adopted as the new norm

✅ Learn how broadcasters and production companies are crowdsourcing UGC to overcome current challenges

✅ Learn how internal communications professionals are meeting their Covid-19 related challenges through employee generated video content

✅ Learn how advertising teams are now crowdsourcing video and producing some of their most honest, heartwarming work.

Remote video production during COVID-19

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