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How User-Generated Video can help your company grow

Increasingly, communicators are turning to collaborative video as a route to better engagement for both their customers and their employees. Not only is UGV many times more likely to engage an audience, it is a way of bringing your company to life through your people.

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How User-Generated Video can help your company grow

Overview πŸŽ‰

Any marketing professional will tell you that content is nothing without engagement. Research has shown highly-engaged companies are twice as productive as their peers, while enjoying less than half the voluntary employee turnover.Β 

User-Generated Video (UGV) helps you showcase your employees and your culture in a compelling and authentic way. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact it has had on business continuity and togetherness, more and more companies are using their people to tell their stories. This has led to a new wave of video content that promotes internal collaboration and pride - and makes customers feel more connected than ever before.

What's included? πŸ’₯

βœ… This guide will look at three main benefits of developing a UGV strategyΒ for your business:

βœ… 1. Significant savings on costs, time and logistics

βœ… 2. Increased employee engagement

βœ… 3. Better client loyalty and trust

How User-Generated Video can help your company grow

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