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What is AI? A free mini guide

We've all heard the term 'AI' bandied about, but what does this actually mean? Dr. Melanie Koehler, Data Scientist at Seenit, takes a deeper look at what AI is, how it came about, and how we use it at Seenit.

What is AI? A free mini guide

Overview 🎉

The idea of artificial beings and intelligent robots was first recognised in Greek mythology during the antiquity period. This concept ran through time and today we are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in many areas of our daily lives.

What's included? 💥

✅ A quick and easy overview of Artificial Intelligence

✅ For anyone who wants to embark on an AI journey

✅ From its history to its use today and the potential it can bring to the future world of storytelling

What is AI? A free mini guide


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Learn about what artificial intelligence actually is 👉

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