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How a tech start-up used their own product to build a stock library with fans, employees, and customers

Written by Ed Stennett

Published: 30th August 2019

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The story so far...

Company: Seenit

Industry: Technology

We decided to “eat our own dog food” and use the Seenit product to build our very own stock library, using images from our employees, fans, and even customers.

It all started with an internal photo competition, run with the aim of everyone at Seenit sharing some of their personal photos.


“The photo competition was a great opportunity to get to know the team better, while at the same time replacing some of the stock footage we were using for decks and presentations.”

Tiziana Giordano

Marketing Manager

Competition outcomes

The competition had 410 entries and formed the foundation of our new company stock library, all captured using Seenit.

We were astonished by some of the photos that were submitted to the project. The range of images was remarkable; they felt more real, more human. Each picture had a story behind it, a story worth telling. This is something that you just don’t get from stock websites.

bike race

Expanding the library

With the foundation of our new stock library formed, we opened the project up to fans and customers in order to achieve a range of styles. We had photos submitted from over 20 different countries across the globe, all using the Seenit Capture app.

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Using our Seenit Studio

The entire stock library could be viewed in the Seenit Studio, which we effectively repurposed as a storage library for anyone internally to sort through and download images for use across branded content. The Seenit Studio's sorting, bookmarking, and filtering options, coupled with sentiment analysis and auto tagging, made finding the right image super fast and far easier in comparison to Dropbox or Google Drive. Now, you can simply search 'Dog', and thanks to auto tagging, every picture containing a Dog will automatically appear ready for download.

field in asia

The results

With over 1000 pieces of content so far, we've been really pleased by the success the project. This is just the start for us.

map of the world


Over one thousand pieces of content uploaded.


Content from 39 employees, fans, and customers.


Uploads from over 20 countries across the globe.

Seenit x Stock, a match made in heaven

The beauty of using Seenit to build a stock library is the ease of use. You can shoot in the app, or upload from the camera roll or gallery on your phone. That means, no matter where you are or what you are doing, so long as you have your phone on you, anyone can contribute.

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A talking point

We found was that every photo felt raw. They felt human. They each told their own story. We have found that in meetings, the images become a talking point. Being able to tell someone that a particular image was taken by a customer is such a powerful story for us.


“For a relatively small company, we are in a fairly unique position where we will never need to use stock photography again which is pretty neat when you think about it.”

Ed Stennett

Product Marketing Manager

Next steps

Going forward, we plan to keep the project open, continuously encouraging employees, fans, and customers to contribute. As company, we never want to rely on the same stock sites again because we know that everyone has a story worth telling, and through Seenit, we get to capture those moments a stock site never could.

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