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PMI x Seenit - driving cultural change through grassroots video comms

Written by Tiziana Giordano

Published: 12th May 2020

The story so far...

Company: Philip Morris International

Industry: Tobacco

“Seenit is about inclusion and giving visibility to people across all markets and departments, but it’s also about driving a sense of community within the business, to help connect people around the world. It’s a kind of movement and for me this is something which is really great to see happening at PMI.”

Nadia Dupont

Global Content Activation Manager at PMI

The challenge

“Last year PMI was going through a major period of cultural and strategic business transformation and our challenge was how to effectively engage and include all our 77,000 employees across almost 100 markets during this time of change. Communication at that time was very controlled, regulated and strictly top-down, so we really wanted to change the tone of voice of our corporate comms and see more engagement. This is difficult to achieve via email and not always possible face to face and even though we knew video production was a trend, at the same time we didn’t have big budgets to enable a big film crew to travel around the world to interview and film our employees for us.”

“Our challenge was really, how to engage with our people in a very authentic way, to hear their voice, to see their face, to include them in the conversation, no matter where they are in the world and to do this efficiently and cost effectively.”

“When we first asked people to submit videos, it quickly turned into a true nightmare, because we didn’t have a platform like Seenit at this point in time. This means we had to collect these videos through different channels like email or transfer platforms, download them on our server and sort and tag them. Clips were anything but consistent in length, quality, relevance and format - an absolute nightmare!”

The solution

“When we started using Seenit my plan was to use it to collect video applications and stories from our employees across all markets, to help us select participants for our new internal talk-show-like initiative called InConversation, which is moderated by our CEO to address any questions and challenges employees might have around the business. By now we had participants from Canada, Australia, the US and Venezuela take part in the show, how could I have captured the stories of all these people across the world otherwise? This is why Seenit has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Thanks to Seenit I can sit in Lausanne and live-direct my audience anywhere in the world to create content for us which is relevant, impactful and authentic. Seenit enables a kind of content creation which allows me to interact and communicate with our people on a personal level.”

“Very soon we recognised the potential of Seenit for a growing number of projects like ‘A Day in the Life’ of a PMI employee, wellbeing and D&I initiatives for example around our LGBTQ+ community or recruitment videos like ‘My First 6 Months at PMI’ filmed by new employees.”

“In Comms the times for big productions with big budgets is over, with Seenit employees have a leading role in content production, which helps you to create more, and more authentic content.”

“The kind of transformation we are going through is for our people and by our people - management alone cannot do that. It’s important to align everyone on the new objectives and communicate everyone's individual contribution to this transformation. It’s about giving our people the possibility to be heard in order for management to really understand what people are thinking about specific topics around the business and across different markets and hierarchies .”

The result

“Seenit makes user-generated video creation easy, quick and much more efficient. Since using it we are creating more video than ever before and the quality of the videos we receive is much better - length, format and content relevance improved significantly.”

“Seenit has played a big role in driving cultural change across the business during a time of incremental change at PMI. It has helped us to really engage with our employees no matter where they are and to give them the opportunity to be part of the conversation.”

“I must say, it's no magical tool either, it takes time and effort to promote Seenit internally to build a community of engaged filmers and get people truly involved at large scale, but once the initial work is done, it's a truly unique and powerful tool for authentic storytelling. Adoption of Seenit at PMI now happens more naturally as people can suddenly see that other employees are enjoying the fact of filming themselves, which gives many people the confidence they did not have before. For instance, I’m not someone who likes being on camera, but when I first tested Seenit I had a lot of fun in doing that.”

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“The dedicated support that Seenit provides is really what makes a difference for us as a customer. Having someone who knows you by name, someone who I consider as being part of our team, who shares responsibilities but also pride about the work that we do. And this is not just about technical support but really inspiration and ideation around projects. What I really appreciate is the responsiveness, the openness, the understanding and support that I get from Freddy, our dedicated Customer Success Manager. We have a great business relationship with Seenit and like any relationship you need to build it and I appreciate that they are taking the time to do that.”

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