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How the BBC captures UGC nationwide to share truly personal stories

Written by Tiziana Giordano

Published: 29th October 2019

The story so far...

Company: BBC

Industry: Referral Marketing

“User generated content (UGC) has the potential to create powerful and authentic content, by allowing audiences and contributors to tell their own stories from their perspectives. It opens up possibilities for new ways of thinking for producers when creating content, and using tools like Seenit can help streamline processes that would otherwise be onerous for production teams.”

Bronnie McCarthy

Producer at BBC

The challenge

“In today’s world we are all filming on our phones to share our lives with our family, friends and peers – most people have at least one video of a moment to share. Have you ever wondered what could be done with all that footage? How can all those different voices, angles, and unique perspectives be used to tell a story?”

“However, while content created by your audience or ‘real people’ is raw and authentic and has the potential to be incredibly powerful and effective, a common issue of UGC is actually getting people to contribute.”

The solution

"We tested Seenit to look at ways of storytelling with UGC to create compelling stories, not just for broadcast, but for a variety of different platforms including social media."

“We found that the projects that were the most successful in getting people to upload and contribute, fostered a sense of community before and during the filming time, one way being through using Seenit’s direct and broadcast messaging functionalities. This two-way interaction creates a relationship between the contributors and the producer that is often not present in traditional forms of broadcasting.”

“This was also the case in terms of the quality and variety of footage. While it’s the users that you want creating the content, some guidance and direction from the producer is crucial to making sure the footage is good quality and works well in the story you are trying to tell. Through Seenit we were able to add simple tips like reminding contributors to film landscape on their phones, being aware of background noise and aesthetics, and depending on the shot, practising what they want to say, is really beneficial to the outcome of the footage and helps contributors feel more confident in what they are doing.”

The result

“Through Seenit, it's possible for us to produce unique, community driven content, through the app and online platform, by inviting anyone to be a contributor and a creator.”

map of the world


Different creators across the global business


Pieces of content captured using Seenit


Uploads from 50+ countries

“In BBC Three’s project, One Hot Summer – a programme following a group of 18-24s on holiday in Spain - the participants were highly active uploaders, resulting in over 1,000 pieces of footage over a 2 month period from a group of 10 or 12 participants.”

“From trialling Seenit with a production company who were exploring the topic of mental health among university students, we saw just how effective this method of storytelling can be, and they were able to produce an emotive and honest programme.”

Some of the videos created using Seenit

The author

This customer story has been adapted from BBC's Connected Studio case study.

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