Stories for you, by you.


Seenit connects brands with their communities (that’s you!) to create collaborative video. By taking part in a Seenit project, you have the opportunity to shape the story alongside fellow fans, peers, and friends.

You are at the heart of these stories. So let’s make your voice heard.



Interested in joining our Seenit community?

Product id: seenitcommunity




How does this all work? Aren’t you B2B?


Seenit is a B2B platform, but you as a contributor are integral to how this all comes together!

With Seenit, you can connect with and represent the brands and organizations you love – all through video.



How do I get involved in a project?


You need to be invited and given a unique project ID!


I’ve received an invitation to a Seenit project, now what?


1. Download the Seenit Capture app from the iTunes or Google Play Store.

2. Sign up or log in and allow all popups e.g. microphone and push notifications

3. Enter your Project ID

4. Head to the ‘Script’ section to start filming your shots

(You can shoot this through the app or upload from your device. It’s up to you! Just remember to film horizontally)

5. Enjoy and have fun!


Interested in joining other Seenit projects? Watch this space 👀


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