CELive2017: Future Leaders

Chosen by a judging panel of experts, these 10 Future Leaders are unique in their own right as they pave the way for creativity and innovation in the UK. From a multi-aware winning VR studio to a cutting edge video game developer to a digital platform bringing the latest technology to courtrooms, Creative England’s Future Leaders have a lot in store for 2017.

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lookfantastic is calling all beauty enthusiasts! 💄💅

lookfantastic are looking for new members for The Beauty Set. You don’t need to be a makeup professional or celeb. Quite the contrary, lookfantastic want the everyday users and beauty obsessives, the bloggers and the enthusiasts. If you think you can make the cut, putting yourself in the running is easy. 

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🍾🎄🎅The Seenit Christmas Extravaganza 🍾🎄🎅

Prepare for your office Christmas party to feel inadequate as Team Seenit really nailed it. The 12hr extravaganza included a Build-a-Bear, a limo, fairy lights, an inflatable Santa Suit, and basically everything but a partridge in a pear tree. It went a little something like this…..

First Stop: Wah nails Soho 💅💅 💅

The Seenit ladies got their nails did! 💁 Emily Forbes dear friend Sharmadean Reid hooked us up with a session at WAH nails in Soho. The ladies’ nails were adorned with stars snowflakes, glitter, and even the Seenit logo! Big love to the WAH team who are so talented and sweet!

Next up: Nick Rainey and Ed’s movie food to real food experience 🎥🎞➡️🍩🍕

While the Team watched Home Alone any food reference that appeared in the movie were then dished to the team! Fortunately, Home Alone is pack full of yummy references like pizza, doughnuts, Pepsi (which got the Jack Daniels Treatment), popcorn and more! It was a well organized, inventive idea and we’re so thankful for all of Ed and Nick’s work!

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📔📖 We’re in a Book! 📖📔

….well a guide to be specific!

It’s a well know fact, even in the wake of Brexit, that London is one the best places to start a company. It has the tools, it has the investment, and most importantly it has the ability to attract innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

With 100s of companies beginning their life in London every year the startup world is hard to navigate. Luckily, our pals at Start-up Everywhere are here to help.

They provide comprehensive guides ‘Filled with case-studies, expert advice, insights, interviews and local tips’ to help out those ‘new to a city, new to the startup scene, or seasoned business people starting all over again’.

Following their guides for Stockholm, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Trondheim, Lisbon, Vienna, Aarhus, the London edition is finally ready for print, and Seenit are in it!

We are honored to feature since the selection process is ‘thorough, first sorting through the hundreds of nominations before a local advisory board helps us curate the final list with the startups to be featured.’, and it’s even more of an honored to share the guide with Giraffe360The MemoLinden StaubWefarmCourierWiredscoreYoyo WalletPROPERCORN, and Jukedeck

The book has just been launched, just in time for Christmas  😉, and we can’t wait to see Seenit in print!

It’s Beginning to look a lot like…

….. branded Christmas content! 🎄

Yes, it is that time of year when every supermarket, department store, and mega brand, try and tug at our heart strings ❤️getting us to buy, buy, buy.

This year’s competition for “Christmas ad of the year” is hot 🔥. The use of innovative tech and user generated content has never been so present 🎁, which excites tech nerds like us 🤓.

We’ve Seenit (😉) all, from bouncing boxers to augmented reality. Here’s our comprehensive list of the good, the funny, and the worth watching to get you in the Christmas mood!🎄

McDonald’s: Innovative Ad (AR)

John Lewis: Charmingly Funny & Most watched

Shout out to Buster the Boxer’s understudy Dave the Dane. Maybe you’ll make the ad next year.


H&M: Visually Stunning

Waitrose: Lovey Dovey Robin-y

Amazon: Restoring faith in Humanity 🙌

Big love and Merry Christmas x

🏆 💥 Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016: Startup Battlefield 💥 🏆

After days of pitch practice, nervousness, and general insanity, the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield has come to an end. It was such a tremendous honor to even be invited to participate. Thank you to everyone who has supported Seenit on our journey thus far, we wouldn’t be where we are without you! The competition was fierce and the experience tremendous. Suffice it to say, participating in this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt was truly rewarding (wink wink).

Massive shout out to all of the other Battlefield participants, InsideDNA,  LiftIgniter,  Oxehealth,  PhenixP2P,  AidenIris AISeedsFoodstantlyAirWander,  CenturyOpen as App for your amazing pitches and the amazing work you do. It was a privilege and honor to be amongst you and we wish everyone the best going forward!

DAY 1:


DAY 2:


Back at the office awaiting the results…

There were so many interesting talks, panels, and ideas going around – we wish we could have heard them all. If you missed any, head to TechCrunch to watch and/or read about them!

What an exciting, exhausting, terrifying, incredible ride it’s been.

Engaging Employees Conference 2016

Engagement, engagement, engagement!


That’s what Ed and Nick R, our business development team, were talking about at The Engaging Employees Conference on Wednesday.

They were there to explain how we have been able to create and improve communities through the power of video.

Ed joined Angharad from TSB, Hayley James from First Group plc, and Jim from Life Works on the ‘New Tools and Channels’ panel to discuss just that. We’re super proud of Ed, even though it looked like he was on death row (see below). He truly expressed how Seenit has allowed employees to be creative and has given companies new ways to share knowledge.

The event was great and we were glad to see some familiar and not so familiar faces. Can’t wait to attend next year’s conference and shout about the new ways Seenit has stimulated employee engagement.

Seenit ❤️ Community: Shoreditch House Lunchtime 5 Talk Takeaways ⚡️

Last Thursday lunchtime, we ventured to Shoreditch House to check out a quick talk on “THE POWER OF COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATION FOR BRANDS” with the amazing creators of  Age of Reason, 69b Boutique, GRLPWR and Mother Pukka.

There were many great points made that we felt really echoed Seenit’s values but from an alternative industry standpoint. Here are our 5 key takeaways for creating and building a community!

  1. ‘Collaboration is the glue for community.’  – enable your community to feel more connected through events, posts and engagement. 
  2. Always strive for transparency in business – honesty and openness are the basis of a community and business. Share and grow together to be stronger. 
  3. Create a space where people want to hangout – physical or virtual! People are more likely to stay and chat if they feel comfortable! 
  4. Persistence is key! Communities don’t appear over night, and your outreach won’t work on the first email. Passion drives the growth of your community so keep at it! 
  5. If you’re working with influencers to grow your community, give them creative freedom. Influencers are only effective if they connect with your gang!

We loved hearing about community from another point of view and it’s fantastic to hear amazing women making noise to support good company vibes.

Loves it 😘

Seenit x Internal Communication

More and more firms are incorporating Seenit into their internal comms strategy. With each new partnership emerges completely new ways of using our versatile platform. Seenit has enabled clients across a broad range of industries to create video content on anything and everything from event coverage, to showcasing their company culture, to monitoring product quality, to internally sharing reports across levels. There seems to be no limit to how video can be used.

Seenit’s ability to easily direct and collect video has helped strengthen communication within a number of companies.

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