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The Seenit Stellar Early Access Programme is closing

December 10, 2020

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Since we launched the Seenit Stellar Early Access Programme earlier this year, we have already helped power over 140 collaborative Stories with our early access Partners, enabling them to collect over 1200 uploads from their communities.

As we get closer to our public launch, we are about to close our time-limited Free Early Access programme. If you want to be part of it and create your very own User-Generated Videos (UGV) with your community, then don’t miss your chance to sign up today. Want to know why?

So far, our Early Access partners such as Beautystack, the Prince’s Trust, AdaCon, TIME’S UP, Moshi, Dame and many more have created some mind-blowing content where they’ve turned their own people, their employees, their customers and fans, into their content creators and their best brand ambassadors.

Whether it’s to create engaging content with your community, document or celebrate a social initiative, fight for an important cause, champion your people - your company’s backbone - and their stories or bring your remote festivities or events to life - User Generated Video continues to be one of the fastest growing and most engaging forms of media. Because people trust people and UGV really helps establish that trust and credibility in your brand. A human and authentic movement is coming with a world wide rise in UGV being shared across all communications channels - so don’t get left behind!


Want to know more about what is Seenit Stellar is? Watch the video below:




Here are a couple of video examples created by some of our Early Access partners so far:


1. Beautystack:


As the focal point of the #BringBeautyBack campaign, Beautystack used Seenit Stellar to engage their community of almost 500,000 beauty professionals to help create a film to show the impact that Covid-19 had on the beauty industry. The final video edited by Seenit was a huge success and featured in the likes of Stylist, Grazia, and Vogue.


2. Ada Ventures:

Ada Ventures is a venture capital firm which invests in overlooked founders and markets. Using Seenit Stellar they created an incredible video sharing who is their ‘Ada of the Day’. Someone with exceptional talent, determination and a will to succeed despite a lack of access to opportunity and/or funding.


3. Pimento:


Pimento is UK’s leading independent agency network and they used Seenit Stellar to create a short series of User-Generated success stories from those who have benefited from being a part of their network. These clips were then shared on socials and clearly highlight what Pimento do in an authentic way.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up before December 31st to get your own early access to Seenit Stellar under www.seenit.io/stellar/ And start creating your own people-powered stories through User-Generated-Video today!



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