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Bring remote events to life through User-Generated Video

November 25, 2020

COVID-19 has made 2020 an incredibly challenging year as and much of the world has been locked down for long periods of time. Since the pandemic started, people have been adapting to the new ways that we have started working, living, and celebrating events and festivities. 

With many events now virtual, people have really started to miss how events bring them together. How can you beat the Zoom fatigue, and how can you make your employees and colleagues feel united and together, even though physically they may be apart? 



As we’re going into the festive season, Seenit and its customers are leveraging our platform to bring together and highlight this year’s remote celebrations through the power of User-Generated Content!

Check out our three examples lined out below:


1.   Seenit - Halloween 2020

On Halloween the Seenit team likes to dress up in scary costumes and go out to the pub together just to spend time as a team and catch up. This year we celebrated it very differently, and although it was different we had plenty of activities planned! 

This year we had a virtual party, and it was far from your usual Zoom call! Before the party, every Seenit employee was sent a surprise goody bag to their homes, which we opened together. In the spirit of Halloween everyone dressed up and played games. We even had a Halloween quiz as well as an award ceremony. 

Every week in October to get excited for Halloween we participated in fun challenges, whether it be who carves the best pumpkins, to who makes the best spooky treats, and we all filmed our favourite moments before, during and after the party. Being able to capture our experiences in this way really allowed us to feel like we were celebrating as one team. Check out the video above for our spooky antics!


2. ViacomCBS - Virtual Day of Service 


ViacomCBS hosts an event yearly called Viacommunity Day. It is a day for all their employees to come together to do good and volunteer for local communities across the world, their key goal being to make a positive impact on the people and areas where they live and work. 

This year, ViacomCBS celebrated their 24th Viacommunity Day completely remotely, and there was a lot to consider in the planning. Virtual events are not necessarily easy, as different employees have different needs and availabilities from home. They had to innovate and to rethink what it means to give back to the community, but from a virtual standpoint. Therefore, having a wide array of activities they could offer which could all be done virtually was key. 

Viacom’s Virtual Day of Service ended up being a great success, despite the difficulty of the pandemic. They had employees from 24 offices and regions coming together to achieve over 10,000 hours of virtual good, engaging 100+ organisations! It just goes to show that you don’t have to go out of your way to do something good, sometimes the small things make a huge impact. Check out their video for Viacommunity Day 2020 above! 


3. World Employer Branding Day 2020 


World Employer Branding Day (WEBD) is the largest gathering of leaders in Employer Branding worldwide, with the common goal of improving Employer Branding practices by creating a network of leaders, agencies and communities. WEBD usually takes place in Lisbon over several days, but due to the pandemic an event this big wasn’t possible in its usual format.

Therefore, this year’s 5th Edition took place entirely remote, with 1200+ participants from over 50 countries! Throughout the two day conference partners and delegates were asked to capture their remote experience through the Seenit platform and share their event highlights with us. The event was very successful, bringing leaders in Employer Branding all over the world together for a very insightful couple of days. 


All of these events are a great example of how User-Generated Content can be used to bring your remote employees together globally. It gives your people a voice, and allows them to share their own experience of the event in a way that is unique to them and at the same time collaborative and inclusive. So what are you waiting for? Why not empower your employees and colleagues to be your storytellers and content creators? 



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