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Attracting and engaging the next generation through UGV

September 18, 2020


Most companies announced that they won’t get back to the office before early 2021. This unique situation challenged them in terms of attracting and engaging young people for their September graduate and internship programs.

Whether it’s a work experience, internship or graduate role - entering the world of work for the first time is a shock to the system. Even more so, when it’s remotely or partially remotely. It is therefore crucial to rethink the way we attract and welcome young new employees, by creating content that is authentic, relatable and people-powered.

That is why we hosted a webinar about engaging the next generation. Tiziana Giordano, Marketing Manager at Seenit and Roxane Von Hurter, Customer Success Manager chatted about their experience and showed how brands such as Spotify, HSBC and EY create content through UGC with and for the young talents.

In case you missed the webinar here are 3 takeaways from Tiziana and Roxane:

  • Gen Z are digital natives and brilliant content creators, so leverage that! You might actually find that some of your young employees are actively creating awesome content on their personal social channels or you might even find one or the other employee of yours having more followers on socials than you company account has.
  • Learn from your people and let them be involved in your corporate communications content creation process, from choosing topics they’re passionate about all the way to letting them tell the stories. It sometimes seems hard to try to speak their language, engage with your young employees or know what they’re actually looking for, what excites them. Ask them what they’re passionate about, because Generation Z are perhaps more closely connected to social issues than those that have gone before. That insight is crucial for both, attraction and retention and engagement. So as we like to say at Seenit, let’s just them do the talking.
  • Give them the right tools and guidance to get involved and become your best brand ambassadors. We found that job posts get up to 35% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video. It is also proven that viewers retain 95% of a message they watch on video, compared to 10% when reading. Well, without a shadow of a doubt video is the most engaging and relatable format, because it can really bring out the human connection your audience craves, and it’s simply the format they are absorbing the most in their day to day lives.

In case you’d like to learn more about how to engage the new generation or see examples of how some companies attract their young employees, you can watch the whole webinar recording here.

Leave a comment down below and let us know which example you liked the most or suggest to us other great examples of engaging Gen Z! 🚀


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