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Our favourite corporate #Pride2019 videos

June 10, 2020

Every year in June millions of people across the world take part in marches and celebrations for Pride. This goes back to the Stonewall riots in New York City in June 1969, when LGBTQ+ rights were not tolerated across most of the world.

Unfortunately this year most pride parades are being canceled, as the coronavirus pandemic is currently forcing public gatherings to be banned. But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating such an important cause, as the freedom to be ourselves.

Luckly, there are many alternative ways to celebrate this year, with plenty of online events taking place, such as ‘Pride Inside’, but what can businesses do, to celebrate their LGBTQ+ communities?

In recent years Diversity & Inclusion has increasingly become a popular topic for corporates. However, it doesn’t matter how much the term is bounded around, it comes down to each organisation to prove that it’s more than just a short term trend. Championing diversity and driving inclusion should be at the heart of every organisation – if your people cannot truly be themselves at work, you’re simply blocking their full potential and fostering a toxic company culture.

But what is the best way to give your diverse people a voice, champion them and include them into your corporate narrative?

Here are our top 3 #Pride2019 videos and why we love them:




What we love about Novartis’ “past, present, and proud” stories is the fact that they are personal and show raw emotion. Because it’s authentic human stories, told in impactful ways, that have the power to inspire others and drive action.



Kendra’s story is so powerful because rather than relying on special effects, a big film crew, and flashing lights, she shares her journey in the most simple way – by filming herself on her mobile phone.




We love how Spotify use UGC to show, in a personal and authentic way, how important it is to celebrate and educate people around D&I.


We believe that giving your people a voice and sharing those voices through people-powered content, is what will ultimately drive change and build trust. 


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