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Introducing the new Seenit

May 4, 2020

[London, United Kingdom]: On May the 4th, Seenit announced the launch of their all-new logo, visual identity, and tone of voice. Seenit’s mission is to help create a world where everyone’s story can be told and their voice can be heard, so last year chose to update their visual identity to reflect this. The new Seenit logo has been reduced to its essential elements, a simpler and cleaner design. This, along with the visual identity, has been designed with flexibility in mind, and works across print and digital applications.

“We started to talk about the visual identity around a year ago. We knew exactly what our mission and vision were, and we wanted our visual identity to reflect this. ” says Ed Stennett, Marketing Manager at Seenit. “We started by building out some of our brand messaging and looked at how we could translate this into a visual identity that was clean, simple, and scalable.”

“We wanted to do as much of the rebrand in-house as we could. We’ve got some fiercely talented people at the company and we wanted their skills to be reflected throughout the brand” continues Ed Stennett. “For additional help, we worked with the amazing Symphony Talent to conduct all of the initial research and help build out our messaging. From there, we brought in the amazing Floating Elements who managed to design a new logo that felt fresh, simple and inherently ‘Seenit.’ It was then a case of developing a new design system and a strong, scalable brand identity.”

In developing their new visual identity, Seenit used their own video crowdsourcing platform to build a stock library of photos from their community.

“In the past we relied heavily on stock from all the well known sites. It looked nice, it was cheap (in some cases free) and it served a purpose. But it didn’t reflect our brand” explains Ed. “We are all about people-powered content, and we wanted to have a people-powered brand. So we got our community to send in their photos and over a year we built a stock library of around 2,000 photos. Since then, we’ve not once had to use stock”.

This news comes in the wake of several recent initiatives of the company, including:

About Seenit: As the first video crowdsourcing platform, Seenit have over 6 years of experience and a track record of success with the largest organisations in the world, including Amazon, BBC, Spotify, ING, and Vodafone.

Based in London, Seenit is a team of almost 30 working in an environment that enthusiastically encourages creativity, risk-taking, growth and autonomy. We were placed on Wired’s Top 100 Startups in Europe list and continue to grow, working with some of the biggest and most exciting companies in the world.

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