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Our challenges for the times ahead

April 28, 2020

“For me the biggest challenge for the times ahead is not knowing what’s going to be around the corner and how to manage all the change.”

Let’s be honest, times are challenging right now, nobody can argue with that. And while we believe that it’s crucial to stay positive and try to keep the morale up, it is equally important to know that it’s ok sometimes not to be ok. 

So we asked Seenit employees & friends to share with us what they’re currently struggling with the most.

Check out the results in the video below 👇

Episode 7 - Challenges for the times ahead


Times are uncertain and there are unfortunately no quick fixes for some of the challenges that we’re currently experiencing, but it is comforting to know that we’re all in this together. Luckily there are some challenges, however, we’ve actually got some useful tips for you, on how to overcome them:

  • Keeping company values alive remotely, see here
  • How to leverage inclusive best practices while working remotely, see here
  • Communication is trickier than it seemed initially, see here
  • How to stay productive when working from home, see here
  • How to combat loneliness during Covid-19 isolation, see here
  • How to stay positive during uncertain times, see here

Join our ongoing series, we want to hear your unique voice:

1. Download the ‘Seenit Capture’ app and create an account 📲
2. Use the ID ‘workingfromhome’ to join the project  
3. Follow the shot list instructions to upload your clips!  🤳🏻📸

Happy filming and stay tuned for the next episode! 

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