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How to combat loneliness during Covid-19 isolation

April 14, 2020

“The biggest challenge for me is going to be the lack of human interaction.”

With increasing numbers of people being in isolation, COVID-19 is not the only health threat we should be worried about. It’s important we regularly check-in with ourselves and take care of our mental health, too.

In fact, loneliness can become a serious mental health threat, which is why we decided to ask our colleagues and friends to join our Seenit project to share tips and tricks on how to combat loneliness during Covid-19 isolation.

Check out the results in the video below 👇

Episode 6 - How to combat loneliness 👫


Well, the benefits of having house mates, family members or pets keeping us company during isolation are clear, but what else can we do to combat loneliness during lockdown times?

Here are some ideas:

  • Book more regular video calls with friends and families in your diary
  • Use apps like Marco Polo and Houseparty to create group chats and play virtual games with your loved ones 
  • Organise virtual pub quizzes or workout classes with your friends

“Thanks to video technologies, it almost feels like they’re in the room with you.”

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Join our ongoing series, we want to hear your unique voice! 

If you’d like to be part of our next episode and share your ideas, tips and tricks about working from home, simply download the ‘Seenit Capture’ app and use the ID ‘workingfromhome’ to join our project ‘How to work remotely’! Follow the instructions on the app to upload your clips! 💥

Happy filming and stay tuned for the next episode! 

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