Product updates / Get the most out of your content with all new video intelligence

Get the most out of your content with all new video intelligence

New feature

Download options: using video intelligence to improve the quality of your footage πŸ’₯

The beauty of Seenit is the way it enables anyone to tell their story. Gone are the days of needing a film crew; anyone with smartphone can have their voice heard. However, in order for that voice to actually be heard, the video needs to be of sufficient quality. Shaky hands, heavy wind, a dog barking in the background; it doesn't take a lot to render a video unusable in the final edit.

Using video intelligence techniques, we have developed three new download options to give you more control over file size and quality.. Here's a quick breakdown of each option.

Web optimised πŸ’»

Running a project with lots of people typically means lots of different types of video. Some footage may be 4K and very high quality, others may be 1080p and a bit iffy. Downloading a web optimised video converts it to 1080p, 25 frames per second, and the H264 codec. Simply put, all your footage will be the same size and roughly the same quality.

Normalised audio πŸ”Š

We check the audio of the footage and give it a quality score. If the score is above a certain threshold and is deemed "good quality" then we carry out a standard audio normalisation technique that increases the loudness of the audio to a predetermined value. All footage normalised with this technique will have a similar loudness afterwards.

If the quality score is lower than this threshold, we try a different normalisation technique called dynamic audio normalisation. This technique uses the audio levels in the individual video provided and attempts to increase the loudness of certain portions of that clip to the level of the video overall.

Stabilised video (BETA) 🎚

We now analyse footage to see if it could benefit from stabalisation. We don't try to correct videos unless we think they could benefit from stabilisation and aren't too shaky. If the footage is deemed to be on the shaky side, we have added the option to download a stabilised version of the footage. We added a beta wording to this feature to indicate that it may produce funny results occasionally.

Editor updates: more options in post-production πŸ’₯

In addition to all new download options, there are also two cool new features on the WeVideo powered editor: audio boost and dual capture πŸ•Ί

Audio boost πŸ”Š

We've all been there, you've got an amazing clip and it's sooooo quiet. Thanks to the new audio boost feature, you can boost the audio of individual video clips or on a full video track up to 5x their normal levels.

Record your screen and webcam together πŸ’»

Now you have the ability to easily record from your webcam and screen at the same time. This feature makes it easier for you to create content such as product demos, webinars, and more.

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