March 26, 2020

On 26th March at 8pm, households across the UK took to the streets to applaud all those at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 👏

A massive THANK YOU to all those people joining our Seenit project on such a short notice, to amplify their neighbourhood’s applause for all NHS workers. We had a total of 100 uploads from over 50 people across London and beyond. 🎬 This has truly blown our mind! ❤️ Watch the result below 👇


As the UK moves into arguably its most uncertain time in recent years, on Thursday 26th March as darkness fell, the nation came together to recognise the continued efforts of those working on the front line against the COVID-19 virus.

We showed our gratitude to NHS staff, carers, pharmacists and all manor of key workers by taking to the streets, gardens, open windows and balconies to clap our thanks with our families and neighbours.

As this period of isolation continues, Thursday evening showed that the nation was only too happy to finally step outdoors and cheer for all healthcare professionals across the country.

#clapforourcarers will now take place each Thursday to show our continued support. 

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