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What does WFH look like for your job role?

March 24, 2020

“I think it’s quite straightforward to work remotely if you work in an engineering or tech team.”

But how about all the other roles?

At Seenit, we are lucky that our business lends itself well to remote communication, and our people are generally not shy when it comes to collaboration and open communication. It’s what we do for a living after all!

So, as we’re starting our third week of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic - we asked our employees what working from home looked like in their individual job roles!

Check out the results in the video below 👇

Episode 3 - What does WFH look like for your job role?


Our Designers and Video Editors seem to enjoy most, that they can really focus on a particular challenge and do the creative thinking without the distractions of an office.

Our Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams are having back to back calls and screen share meetings without worrying about having to get a meeting room.

And the Operations team is juggling all the tools and platforms they have at hands to continue their work remotely, while setting us all up with tools like Slack, Livestorm, Google Drive, Notion and of course, plenty of collaborative Seenit projects! 

Well, it seems like for Seenit, “collaborating works, whether you’re in the office or working from home!”

If you are wondering how to best stay productive when working from home for a prolonged period of time, check out Episode 1 of our Working From Home Series here and Episode 2 - about the advantages and benefits our employees are seeing from working from home, here

Do you want to be part of our next episode and share your ideas, tips and tricks about working from home? 🎬

Simply download the ‘Seenit Capture’ app and use the ID ‘workingfromhome’ to join our project ‘How to work remotely’! Follow the instructions on the app to upload your clips! 💥

Happy filming and stay tuned for the next episode! 


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