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How does Working From Home benefit your employees?

March 18, 2020

“As somebody with a chronic medical condition, being able to work from home is often a lot more comfortable and a lot easier for me if I’m having issues.”

We started our second week of working from home at Seenit as an adjustment to the COVID-19 pandemic - so we asked our employees what the advantages and benefits are that they’re seeing from working from home.

Check out the results in the video below 👇

Episode 2 - How does working from home benefit you?


“One positive thing potentially that could come out of the coronavirus is businesses realising that you can actually trust your employees to work from home effectively.” 🙏

So when sending your employees home, remember that there’s a lot that they will benefit from:

  • Avoiding the stress and anxiety of commuting
  • Saving money spent on commute and lunch
  • Being given the gift of time
  • A healthier nutrition 
  • Doing the creative thinking that is not always possible in the office
  • Getting stuff done without the distractions of an office
  • Scheduling a whole day of calls without worrying about getting a meeting room
  • Listening to any music they like while working from a comfortable location

If you are wondering how to best stay productive when working from home for a prolonged period of time, check out Episode 1 of our Working From Home Series here.

Do you want to be part of our next episode and share your ideas, tips and trick about working from home? 🎬

Simply download the ‘Seenit Capture’ app and use the ID ‘workingfromhome’ to join our project ‘How to work remotely’! Follow the instructions on the app to upload your clips! 💥

Happy filming and stay tuned for the next episode! 


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