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Launching product updates



In a world where companies and brands have lost the trust of the public as well as employees, it’s more and more important to remove the barriers to authentic voices from diverse and passionate ambassadors. The ease of Seenit enables often-overlooked people to have their voice heard, building inclusivity, empathy, and community. And we want to make this even easier.

So today we are excited to announce that the launch of 'Product Updates'. We're doing this to let you know about all the exciting things we'll doing across our products that will make it even easier for you to run a project using Seenit.

Every time we release a new feature, we'll demo it here and write up what's new.

We'll also be setting up a product updates newsletter. We promise this won't be to bombard you with menial marketing, but instead provide useful, relevant, and interesting updates about all the cool things we are doing with our products.

Please take a look and let us know what you think. You can use the comments section 👇 to post your feedback, thoughts, or ideas.

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