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Seenit x Amazon

December 16, 2019

Over a year ago, Amazon became a Seenit customer and in that time they have gone on to tell the stories of those who are closest to the company in an honest and exciting way.

The cultural revolution that is taking us away from scripted and polished corporate video and pushing us toward trustworthy, real video, has carried Amazon with it. Here’s a quick look at some of the amazing work we’ve done with Amazon in 2019.

Having launched Amazon Stories in 2012, two key Amazon affiliations came into focus: their employees and their corporate partners. Seenit has been used to elevate the employee side of these stories and the videos they create give us a genuine peek behind the scenes at one of the biggest multinational companies in the world.

The important thing about these stories is that they do not overwhelm the viewer with Amazon promotion but rather let the person at the centre tell their own story and in doing so ensure that they remain honest and dynamic.

Amazon’s ambition to put their employees at the centre of what they do is an impressive achievement, so we put a showreel together to give you a glimpse of what they have achieved over the last year alone.

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