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My journey to being camera confident

August 12, 2019

If you’d asked me to appear on camera a couple of years ago you would have got one of two responses - “No” or “Sure… actually no… why?”.

I couldn’t understand how people could feel confident enough to share videos about themselves and their stories with the world.

So moving to Seenit a couple of years ago - a company who’s technology is built for the purpose of enabling people to share their stories through video - seemed like a bit of a strange choice.

I thought so too, especially in my second week when I was asked to write, create, and star in my own video production. My internal monologue went something like this…

‘What if people watch me and think that I’m a narcissist? What if someone comments something about my dodgy neck beard? What’s the point?! No-one cares what I have to say anyway… How can I get out of this?! I must be the only person here who feels like this. I’m a fraud. Everyone else is an extrovert, made for the camera, and with beards perfectly aligned with their chiselled chin-lines? I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS’

Simply put, I didn’t feel confident going on camera at all and created numerous blockers to shield myself from facing the reality of doing it.

After a couple of weeks of putting it off, I decided to share my reservations with a couple of close members of the team. To my surprise, I found that almost everyone I spoke to had experienced similar feelings and lacked confidence about appearing on camera themselves. No-one had started in a place where they felt confident on camera but gradually all of them had managed to grow in to their video personas over time.

The tips they gave me back then massively helped me on my (ongoing) journey to being camera confident. In an effort to get more people feeling confident to talk about their own challenges around appearing on camera, here are some of our blockers and what we’ve done to overcome them:

I’m still learning and my videos are not perfect - they probably never will be perfect - but they’re a far sight better than they were. And more to the point, I’ve started to realise how powerful video can actually be as a tool for communication once you get past those initial hurdles. Once you learn to be yourself, stay calm, composed, and deliver your message in a natural way. The result can be amazing.

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