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Our favourite #Pride2019 UGC videos

D&I is currently one of the loudest “buzz words” around corporates. However, it doesn’t matter how much the term is bounded around, it comes down to each organisation to prove that it’s more than just a short-term trend. Championing diversity and driving inclusion should be at the heart of every organisation – if your people cannot truly be themselves at work, you’re simply blocking their full potential. But what is the best way to champion your people and include them into your corporate narrative?

Here are our top 3 #Pride2019 videos and why we love them:


What we love about Novartis’ “past, present, and proud” stories is the fact that they are personal and show raw emotion, bringing these stories truly to life.


Kendra’s story is so powerful because rather than relying on special effects, a big film crew, and flashing lights, she shares her journey in the most simple way – by filming herself on her mobile phone.


We love how Spotify use UGC to show, in a personal and authentic way, how important it is to celebrate and educate people around D&I.


The reason why this kind of content stands out and is truly impactful is because it’s real and personal. Give your people a voice and use the power UGC to tell impactful stories that inspire others and provoke action.

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