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The new Seenit website is live

April 30, 2019

Over the past few months we’ve been working on updating our brand and today we wanted to give you a little glimpse at what the new Seenit looks like.

Kicking things off

Last year, we put together a small squad internally and got to work on everything from our tone of voice, to brand values, to visual identity and everything in between.

Kicking off the first session in the right way we had to watch this (advised before any big project is taken on):

First session
The first session
Ed selfie
Work in progress

Where we are today

Today we are super excited to give you the first glimpse at the new Seenit Visual Identity.

Rebrand poster
Rebrand design
Poster designs with the new visual identity

What to expect next

This is just the start and we can't wait to share even more exciting stuff over the next few months.

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