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My first month at Seenit!

December 18, 2018

I’m Hannah, a New Business Lead here at Seenit πŸ‘‹

What does that actually mean? Well, I work with the top echelon of large enterprises – typically over 10,000 employees, to guide them through the inherent challenges they face around the new gig economy, building a diverse and inclusive workforce & engaging their global employees.

Seenit stood out to me for 3 key reasons

  1. They were doing something that no one else was doing
  2. They truly embraced diversity and entrepreneurial spirits are nurtured
  3. Everyone is hell-bent on doing better for our customers and for the business

There is always a mix of excitement and apprehension when you start a new role. Will I truly fit in? Are they going to be how they said they are or how I imagined? Will I have someone who shares my obsession with trainers/sneakers? Most importantly, will the office be warm during winter?!

My manager Luke sat me down on my first day and essentially said – just do you. Listen, learn and challenge and that formed the rest of my first month. I’ve been made to feel welcomed and there is a great work-life balance. Almost every decision we make here day to day is democratized, which brings everybody together and builds a great working atmosphere.

Loving my journey so far and I get to work with and learn from the largest companies in the world every day!

We’re hiring! Check out the current open roles πŸ’₯

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