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Seenit All Before | Viacom's "Kid's Choice Awards"

December 4, 2018

Over the last 4 years, team Seenit have helped our customers from around the world create 6,500 final videos… which is loads.

BUT with so many videos in the back-catalogue, we sometimes forget about the golden oldies which is why we ask our new joiners to share their favourite Seenit video.

Roxane, our amazing new Customer Onboarding Manager, chose this gem and gave her reasons why…

This video always makes me happy. It is full of colour and energy and YouTube savvy teenagers (not to mention shirtless Stokes twins and a brief appearance from viral sensation Backpack Kid).   

It exemplifies the content creating generation in all their splendour and comfort in front of the camera. If Seenit were ever in the hands of a group of people who knew what they were doing, it would be this lot with their global internet awareness and confidence.

The diverse range of international YouTubers all addressing their fans in one place, in one video, is also something unique and perfectly reflects the purpose of these awards which is to celebrate all things video and UGC!

Being able to bring those chosen people into one video is not only unique but makes for an exciting and dynamic watch. Expressing multiple perspectives on a single event, or the lead up to an event, is the future of compelling content and the team at Viacom have smashed it on this one!

If your business is looking to create video at scale with your advocates, employees or consumers get in touch with Seenit.

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